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Last minute Valentines do's and don'ts


Better late than never guys and gals, I thought I’d put together some last minute Valentines “tips” to make your evening as enjoyable as possible this year :heart_eyes:

If you haven’t booked a restaurant by now, to treat the love of your life to a fine dining experience, fear not, you still have options,

  1. DO NOT in a last minute blind panic book the only available restaurant available, there will be a reason they still have availability. They will either have a shocking wine list, a health and safety warning or in fact be known as Greggs. (Or all of the above!)

  2. DO orchestrate a “dine in” where you become the chef, host, sommelier and potentially the desert (All going well :wink:wink: )

  3. DO think about your food/wine matching, but I am preaching to the converted here, and remember, just because you fancy that 15 year old Barolo lying in the Garage she/he may fancy the cadoulet de Beaucastel .

4)DO make an effort with the food… last nights left over pancaked won’t cut it :joy:

  1. DO try to be romantic, you know the usual… candles, soft music, a sparkling Champs/ cremant/cava to start the evening off. (If in fact your culinary skills are not up to scratch, this will prove a great distraction :+1:), Also, easy on the heavy metal… you may like it but it may not go well with the scallops.

6)DO NOT ask for help cleaning up, your hopes of “continuing the evening” will be severely in jeopardy .

  1. DO enjoy your evening and the chance to spend quality time together accompanied by great food and wine. As opposed to phone checking the latest bitcoin/ripple valuation, which leads to the next point…

  2. DO turn your phone off.


So maybe this will be a tad controversial, especially coming from a female, BUT Valentines to me, is about spending time with your significant other. It’s about taking time out from our crazy lives and appreciating what we sometimes take for granted.
So for me, a gift is not really necessary but the effort and commitment that goes into planning something , like a special night in or out.
However, in saying that, I love a bunch of flowers like the next person, so these are my do’s and don’t of gift giving…

1)DO NOT under ANY, ANY circumstances buy the love of your life a “household” gift… ie: a new vacuum cleaner, blender, kettle… you are likely to be found IN the blender days later.:open_mouth:

2)DO NOT purchase a “vase” unless of course it comes free with the flowers you’ve sent! (An ex-boyfriend once bought me a red vase because its my favourite colour!, I had purchased him a top of the range rip-curl wetsuit!, he was lucky I didn’t crack it over his head)

3)DO buy flowers, unless of course she is allergic to them or specifically know she doesn’t like flowers, They are romantic, they smell nice and giving flowers imho shows you care.
(edit: Jury is out on chocolates… I don’t like them… I like to keep my as the size it is but again personal choice :joy:slight_smile:)

4)DO buy a card, a nice one. The crude ones just aren’t funny unless you’re 19 :rofl:

5)DO go and purchase a gift/experience you think she/he will appreciate and love. Whether it be a bottle of craft gin, grower champagne or the necklace she’s been after for ages. If you know your date categorically would love a particular gift then do it. No point in waiting until her/his birthday/ Christmas. Seize the moment and be a winner.

6)DO NOT purchase for the sake of purchasing when you don’t have a clue what to buy… see “vase story” above. Flowers, romantic meal and the experience will most certainly suffice.

So go forth, enjoy your Valentines and let us know how it goes. Bon Chance


So, six pints of Guinness followed by 20 popadoms and a vindaloo - then back to mine is not going to tempt you then, Leah.
Pity, I thought I’d got it all planned!


:joy::joy::joy: Soooo tempting… but that’s my usual St. Patrick’s day ritual … would hate to mix it up :wink::wink::+1:


My wife is over in the states on a business trip so won’t be back until the end of the week - not too worried though as Valentines day is just a day, try and treat her at every opportunity for the other 364 days anyway.


Leah, most of that sounds like good advice, but I think it must have slipped your mind the Greggs do in fact offer a valentines dinner.



that’s in fact exactly what I was referring to !:+1:


I have to disagree with the no household gift rule; if someone bought me a Vitamix or a great set of knives or anything Le Creuset, all of which I’d consider household, for Valentine’s (or any other time to be fair) I’d be absolutely made up! Even a hand held Dyson would be good by me! I think there can be a lot of love in the practical and isn’t love what Valentine’s should be about?! :two_hearts:


Greggs cheese savoury stottie… mmmmh


Each to their own I guess @catherine. I believe it’s personal choice at the end of the day . I’ve a lovely set of Global knives and a hand held dyson so maybe if I didn’t I’d feel differently. I almost feel a gift for any occasion should be an indulgence you would never buy yourself … you know like a rare vintage champagne or a diamond necklace ! I’d never buy those things for myself and if I had the cash would most definitely spend on the practical items . Although like I said, I don’t believe gift giving at Valentines is necessary :wink:.


So stopping at the 24 hour garage on the way home for a prezzie is somehow a faux pas now…?

Tonight we are actually having a belated pancake night after last night’s tasting and picked up a tasteful and understated necklace (a ring may have been confusing!!) As a little gift


Probably better than Poundland :smiley:


It is indeed extremely wise to not cause ANY confusion… especially on Valentine’s Day! Enjoy the pancakes :pancakes: :wink:


I can’t even comment :woman_facepalming:t3::woman_facepalming:t3::woman_facepalming:t3:… does that include the wine too ? :joy::joy:


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