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Last few bottles

If you know that you are giving up alcohol for a period, what are the last wine choices you would make? Last 2-3 bottles…

I’m on the cusp of taking a break from even a single glass of wine. The reason being the arrival of our third child and wanting 100% energy levels for the next 6 months. After this period I hope to enjoy a gradual return. I am hoping the wine I have in reserves and stored home ages “gracefully” during this.


Barolo, if you like it. Monprivato, if you hate money but want something memorable.

Congratulations, by the way. We have our first arriving in August and I am making similar plans to stop drinking, in the interests of survival, for several months.


Congratulations to yourself too! Do you have a bottle planned yourself? That Barolo looks nice. I tend to like only aged Barolo and have nothing ready and the shops tend to promote wine too early. Barolo wise I have a pio cesare 2013 lying around but too young probably…

Current candidates are

  • poggio antico brunello riserva 2010
  • biondi santi brunello… younger again
  • Rioja 904
  • Rioja Artadi
  • Torre Muga

I can always buy a single bottle too…

Many congratulations. Very sensible, I suspect you’ll need all your energy for a third.


Haha. Thanks for the support! And now what would you have?

Just to be encouraging, we found going to our third child to be much easier than numbers one and two. The reason being, we already had no time to ourselves anyway, and we’d learned that you can’t keep all children happy all the time. But good luck, anyway :wink:

As for wine, definitely top Grand Cru Alsace Riesling. The king of wines!


I don’t think you are suggesting blow 6 months’ budget in 2/3 bottles, but something old and memorable would help you through that period nicely. Probably not bubbles if your partner is unable to properly share the experience. How about 1982? Nice for Piedmont and Bordeaux, why not one of each? No idea of your budget, but you don’t have to go utterly ridiculous money. Some ideas here:


If three, I’d also choose something sweet, probably Tokaji or TBA

It doesn’t have to be expensive wine, or a wine of a particular year, just wine that is your last measure of a type of experience.

Speaking of Tokaji, I had a Hungarian colleague treat myself and two other friends / colleagues to a wine maker dinner. It’s number three on the all time best meals I have ever had.

To give you an idea, as part of the 20 courses, Just one of the food courses was half a duck each! We had a different wine with each course. Every wine was enthusiastically described my the vineyard owner and then translated my colleague who was not a vinophile!


Wow! That’s an experience!

I really like this question but it’s certainly a tricky one. As you say, it wouldn’t necessarily be a stellar bottle on paper/price.

Main candidates would be:

  1. Barolo Monprivato - I have a few different years including 2 bottles of the 2010. I reckon that year will be good to drink now but I had earmarked one to have with my brother, when the lock down finally lifts, and I’d like to save the other for a time.

  2. Proprieta Sperino Lessona 2009. I absolutely love this one and bought a fair amount when TWS had it. Smooth and beautiful, with a warm, biscuity note arriving around 10 seconds after tasting it.

  3. Ricasoli’s gran selezione chianti or perhaps their colledila ‘raritas.’ Maybe 2015? Plus a fancy pasta bake with all sorts of lovely veggies in it.

  4. Boxler’s Sommerberg GC Riesling. I have some 2010s and just love the style of these wines. Really evocative, as one brilliant pro review of the 2014 described.

  5. Sauzet’s Puligny Montrachet La Garenne 2015. When I first tasted this, I had one of those ‘wow’ moments that makes you pause for a time. All that amazing complexity you hope for in a puligny with a soft hint of honey at the end.

But how to choose? In reality, I expect it will end up being something a bit random: I’ll have a nose through what I have at home and just pick one I fancy at that moment.


You have some good options!

The 2010 riserva brunello probably ought to be good to go (just). I had a bottle of Valdicava’s 2010 riserva the other week and it was drinking nicely.

Is the Biondi-Santi the 2012 TWS were selling? If so, I had one of those a few weeks ago (the lock down prompted an attack on some of my better stuff) and I’d suggest waiting a little longer.

The 2013 Barolo probably wants a fair bit more sleep, unfortunately. I’m in a similar boat as the majority of my Barolos need lots more time. Still, I suppose that isn’t going to be too much of an issue for either of us…!


So… I made wave after wave of poor choices trying to choose the best wines to drink. :slight_smile:

2010 brunello riserva poggio antico was nowhere near expectations. Pretty average, even if it was “closed” TBH. San Leonardo is so much better see https://www.jancisrobinson.com/articles/san-leonardo-back-in-fashion cheaper too

Pio cesare, barolo 2013 wasn’t ready

Torre Muga - on point

Rioja 904 - the best

2009 exhibition hermitage was good and I’m pleased I have tried one in light of the pending bottles in storage. I can say nothing on its pending evolution… yet!

I have hovered between tidying up the “past it’s best” and those wines with concerns on ageing potential.

My final is a reliable and decent 2011 vina arana which crystallises how I prefer this style of wine relative to Ulysse paulliac 2015 (another one I cracked too early probably…)

Cheers all, it’s been great reading about your pursuits. I’m abstaining for a few months but will enjoy the reports!


My (fairly limited!) experience of Monprivato would make me rule it out before 20 years, abd preferably considerably more. But then i wouldn’t touch any but maybe a warm vintage Barolo before 15 or so. Probably depends om your tolerance to a wall of tannins!


Glad you didn’t stop at 2 or 3 bottles!

Hope everything goes well with your new baby and your spell of abstinence serves you well.

I finally decided two of my ‘last’ wines - aged Rieslings, 1 dry, 1 sweet. Nothing specific, but these are both styles I absolutely adore.

I’d need a red too, but still no idea.


Very best of luck surviving the early months, and thanks again for setting up this interesting thread. I’ll be in a similar boat in around 3 months so I still have a little time left to decide on my last few!


Thanks both. All the best deliberating what to choose and you can always fall back on trial and error, which I think ended up being my strategy! I suspect I’ll end up adding to my reserves in this new period of abstinence. Banking treats for the future.

Currently in the midst of it all. A strange thing lockdown births. I’m not allowed in the hospital yet, just on continuous stand-by whilst my wife is inside. Good to be able to read some nice wine/food posts to keep the mind off.


I can well imagine that! :grimacing:

I hope the wait isn’t too long, and that the birth goes well! Wishing you all the best :pray:


@wine.arbitrageur, best of luck to your wife, this is going to be so much tougher on her.
I really feel for anyone in this situation at the moment. Fingers crossed for a quick short labour and please let us know when you are all together again. :heart_eyes: :heart:


Mother and baby well, but will be at the hospital for a while yet. Small baby (5lb 1oz) but a better size than expected. I was asleep at 2.30am when I got the call to come in. I arrived at the hospital for 3am and the baby was out by 3.30am. I was out of the hospital by 6am. All covid rules related. Very quick and surreal. Brilliant staff. Very very happy here, need to plan a celebration case for the reserves!


That is AMAZING!!! Congratulations to you both on the birth of your beautiful baby :heart_eyes:. Boy or Girl?? Have any names yet. Don’t worry about little babies, they’re often tough little things… I was only 4’4 :wink:.
So pleased everything went well in light of Covid. Congratulations again @wine.arbitrageur xx