Laplace Madiran, disappointing

How have others found this? I ordered the special offer 12 bottle case which had good reviews I think. However we find it lacking fruit, tannin and taste. This is my first Madiran, which I hd always believed was a full flavoured wine. I think I will return it.

Hi @Lordwanswell,

Which vintage and which cuvee?
I have bought the main wine from the 2016 vintage. I’ve not tried it yet though but have had previous vintages.

There is also the Ode d’Aydie which the 2017 is available on the list at the moment.
This is the 2nd wine I think.

No fruit, tannin and taste sounds corked to me. Do you think this is a possibility? Maybe worth trying another bottle and if the same outcome return the lot. If it’s an improvement, maybe just get a refund for the 1 corked bottle?



Unfair of course to tar all Madiran’s with the same brush, but that also reflects my experience with the wine: Impossibly tannic in youth needing a dozen years to soften… by which time the fruit has also dried out to nothing. There may be a ‘happy time’ somewhere in between but not something I’ve encountered yet.

I note that TWS have a 2009 in stock, which might be worth a punt?

Yes, the 2017 Ode d’Aydie. I don’t think it is corked just tasteless. I have tried two bottles, both the same.

Yeah that’s a return then I think

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Or keep back a couple for another 7 years, perhaps that’s what it needs?

Yeah the Pichard 2009 is pretty decent right now!

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I have always liked the Château d’Aydie (although admittedly not had any recently), but I’ve found the second wine, Odé, disappointing. I did quite like the cheaper Aramis, which has some Syrah along with the signature Tannat - cheap and cheerful. At their best, they do a very enjoyable Tannat, but the Odé is not their best.

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