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Languedoc Wineries to visit - Carcassone and Narbonne



I am traveling for a weekend to Languedo in France staying between Cafcassone and Narbonne first weekend of October.

Wondering what the good wineries to visit, we are doing a weekend wine trip.

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Take a look at this conversation

The La Clape AOC near Narbonne has some excellent wineries. Two recommended on this community are



Thank you for these recommendations - they look splendid! We will follow them up during our visit next month to Carcassonne.


I would concur on the Rouquette sur Mer recommendation for La Clape. They are really friendly and have the full range of their wines for tasting. The society usually stock their ‘Espirit Terroir’ although their top Cuvee ‘Henry Lapierre’ is superb in my opinion. There are also several other wineries around Narbonne Plage which could be worth trying.

The other ‘Chateau’ I would recommend is in the Minervois. Chateau Cabezac is at Bize-Minervois on the D5 Carcassone-Bezier Road north of Narbonne. They make white and red minervois under their own labels across the price range and also ‘Roc de Bo’. There is also a very good olive oil co-op producer next door called l’oulibo which is worth a visit.




Try Mas du Soleilla…the website has instructions how to get there from Motorway. If you can try les Bartelles, scintillating Syrah.

Mas-du-Soleilla.com. Narbonne plage


Domaine Treloar, though Roussillon is worth a trip


We booked the trip. Going to stay at Domaine de Saint Jean. Going to visit Castelmaure, Domaine Jones and Cheateau Trillol on Saturday.

On Sunday we are thinking about Cheateau Saint Eulalile in Minervois, but then thinking it might be nice to visit a winery on the coast instead?

Also looking for restaurant recommendations near Domaine Saint Jean, traditional french country style restaurant (not fancy)?

Is there anything else in the area we are missing out on?



Cheateau Saint Eulalie is closed, can do either Cheatrau Cabezac or Cheateau Roquette-sur-mer and mas du solelia plus grab a nice waterfront lunch at Narbonne Plague?


Def would be a shame to miss out on a La Clape winery. Narbonne Plage is pretty relaxed beach resort popular with the French.


Lot of bad reports about the hygiene at Narbonne Plague…:nerd_face::flushed::wine_glass:


Mas du Soleilla…terrific wines !:wine_glass::+1:


Is that just since me and Mr JayKay visited in 2017?:crazy_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


No, I used to sell Peter Wildbolz’s wine in the early 2000’s.



Had a fantastic weekend at Corbiers. Stayed at Domaine Saint Jean, wonderful wine B&B.

We visited Castelmeure, Domaine Jones, Cheateu Triollol, Cheateu Pena and Roqueford del Mer. All were wonderful but Jones and Trillol were our highlights.

Wanted to visit a few others but could not cover in a weekend, especially since many are closed on Sunday.

Bringing back loads of wine!