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La Rioja Alta 2010 GR 904 Magnums

I know this should technically go into the Rioja thread, but I was hoping for a bit of wider exposure before it got moved…

Simple question, does anybody have any of these, and if so, are they willing to post a photo of it (preferably from different angles!)?

I have just received one today, and I think its a fake. It’s a good fake, but I know LRA like the back of my hand (and I have many to hand to make a comparison) and it just doesn’t look right. Right down to the Consejo Regulador sticker on the back.

Even better if anyone at TWS could post something up, as I know it’s a product they’ve sold :grinning:


I’ll leave it out for a bit so if you want any other angles let me know.


Many thanks @Absolutebeginner.

Looks exactly the same. Bit cheaper looking than normal without the monogrammed glass.

Is yours quite a ‘squat’ looking bottle?

Mine looks positively Lilliputian next to my other Bordelaise-style bottles.

Dunno what you mean by squat really. Here it is next to two normal bottles for comparison.

(Mine is a WS one BTW)

It does look slightly unusually-proportioned. A little squat and a longer neck?

Here it is next to a magnum of Bordeaux. It is shorter. Hadn’t noticed that.

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Apologies for the poor quality of the photo…

But next to a magnum of Cauhape and an Ardanza.

It seems ‘cheap’ in it’s presentation for an LRA for me, but your bottle is exactly the same, so maybe not.

Yeah I haven’t got any experience of LRA but I can see where you are coming from.

The glass has a whacking great seam down the side. The punt is quite shallow, the labels are a little squwiff (slightly) too.


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All the other LRA bottles and Magnums have monogrammed glass, RA on the top of the capsule - again the capsule material seems heavier in other years (more pewter or tin? I forget) - and I’m positive the bottles used to be larger.

Anyway, many thanks for taking the time to post this, it appears that mine is the real deal, as it’s identical to yours. Just poor quality from LRA it seems!

Is it worth getting in touch with La Rioja Alta for peace of mind? They might be able to explain the differences/changes.

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When I googled 904 magnums and looked at images the only ones that seemed to have embossed bottles were the normal 75cl bottles. None of the magnums seemed to be embossed bottles. There were images claiming to be 904 magnums that had the embossed bottle but looking closely I’m pretty sure they were 75cl.

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That’s a good suggestion - theres a guy on CT who emails Julio Saenz fairly regularly, I’ll drop him a PM. Many thanks for the prompt!


Off topic but both bottles to the right and left have come on holiday with me :grin:


Both beauties aren’t they. I also got some Mantler Zweigelt. I’ve been having a Bin Series retrospective :joy:

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I have just checked my two 2005 904 mags bought from BBR and they don’t have embossing on them. They also seem to be a more traditional bottle shape.

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Really interesting and unusual thread and well done to Absolutebeginner for being so supportive and helpful.


Interesting that the 2005 Ardanza Magnum does have embossing. I wonder why the discrepancy?

Maybe I am wrong, but aren’t Ardanza and 904 from the same vintage bottled in different years?

2008 Ardanza mags don’t have the embossing, but have a sticker. This photo from one of my wine group who picked this up in Majestic this week