La Flora Blanche

My Father in Law has just stated that La Flora Blanche - a Sauternes - was a favourite wine.

It doesn’t appear to be available any more (from the conversation, I’m guessing he was drinking in the 60’s/70’s).

Can anyone suggest a substitute - it’d make a great Xmas present (now and into the future…)


Are you/is he confusing it with La Tour Blanche which is a good Sauternes. Folle Blanche is a grape variety which sounds similar to?

My parents also drank La Flora Blanche, it was definitely a thing. We are about to leave the Blayais area. There is a huge coop with various outlets dotted around called Tuttiac. We are enjoying a bottle of their Tuttiac Sauternes 2018 which is probably something similar. If you find yourself in this neck of the woods it would might fit the bill?

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This advert for it describes it as light and not too sweet. Tends not to be a style in Sauternes these days where they are very lush. Maybe try Raymond Lafon? (Partly as it’s a personal favourite). Second wines of big names tend to be lighter and dry wines aged in Sauternes barrels might be worth a try.

It is also very hard to go wrong with the Cazzabonne Sauternes when it’s in stock!


I’m not but he may be, he’s 83 - so history is strong with him…

It appears that some lots of La Flora Blanche have been put up for auction in recent years but I couldn’t tell the vintages of the bottles in question.

At least one bottle, in a fairly poor state, is in an auction starting tomorrow in Derby.

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Ooh. How exciting - I’ll get on it.

I’m guessing Flora Blanche was a shipper’s brand that vanished when J R Parkington stopped trading in 1996. I also doubt it was a real Sauternes. This was before UK joined EEC/EU and accepted wine laws so UK bottlers could call their wines anything.

The description of it being a light Table Wine that’s not too sweet doesn’t sound like what we know today of Sauternes.

My parents drank a Spanish Sauternes with dinner, so it couldn’t have been as sweet as real Sauternes.

Yes, it’s possible to buy ancient bottles of Flora Blanche at auction but they’ll be 40+ years old, and even if drinkable, will not be at all like the wine your FiL drank back then as he wasn’t drinking 40 yo wines.

If you do get a historic bottle of Flora Blanche I suggest also getting backups, first a half of Sauternes, cheap ones are available from supermarkets. Your FiL will probably find it too sweet so also get a medium sweet wine such as Cour-Cheverny Moelleux, Cuvée Renaissance, Le Petit Chambord, Cazin 2018 ( which will probably be closer to what he enjoyed then.

But not only wines have changed, so has his tastebuds. Who us now drink what we did 40-60 years ago? (Those not born then are exempt from this rhetorical question)

(Much later edit - of course as UK joined the then EEC in 1972 the company folded after - not before - however I suspect that without being able to sell their bestselling brands, of which Flora Blanche was just one - they could not compete in the new market)


Thanks for this sage advice. I’m hopeful of finding a taste that triggers happy memories so this will be a great way to start. I’ve put in a minor bid on the

[quote=“Kidman, post:7, topic:13178”]
[/quote] as I think it will tickle him - even if it’s bad! But I’ll get back-ups as suggested here and by others…


I’m delighted to say I prevailed in the auction and will be collecting imminently.


Just visiting the FiL again after the chaos of Xmas and New Year. Thought I should share, and say thank-you again for the wine recommendations. Here’s the eclectic selection I finally purchased, alongside the auction lot. Bit of a variety to try and nail down where his taste buds are now.


The Chateau d’Arche is an interesting one (if it’s the same as I tasted before Xmas) - 85% semillon, 15% sauvignon blanc AND aged in ex Sauternes casks.

That Flora Blanche looks decent - very good fill level & bright. The glass is embossed !

Looking at the original auction lot, you have a bottle of Tondonia Rioja Blanc… theres folk in this community who would sell a kidney for that bottle!


I gave the other 5 bottles to my sister…

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