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Kumeu River 2019 Chardonnays

WS email received this afternoon flagging the arrival of 2019s.

Cannot see much in the way of professional reviews on line so presently sitting on the fence.

Was about to start a thread myself. ÂŁ192 for the mixed 6. Worth buying or money better spent elsewhere?

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The mixed case is one of my highlights of the year whenever its made available - such a great way to get access each year (i.e. place in reserves) to a brilliant range of wines.

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I won’t be buying but this link might hep those who are thinking about it


Kumeu River is one of New Zealand’s and the world’s top wineries, and 2019 a spectacular vintage which came as a welcome change from the string of more challenging years which preceded it.

Wasn’t the 2017 just in the fine wine champions list?


I suggest putting some in reserve now, before the ones you really really want sell out :grinning:

Mixed case duly sent to Reserves.

Likewise for delivery :+1:

This has been available on the website for 5 days now.

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Wouldn’t hesitate! In fact I haven’t. especially if it;s a great vintage.


So wonder why they’ve only sent the email this afternoon :thinking:

Sold out now.


Saw your post and put all the mixed cases in my basket. Hoped there’d be one left by the time pay day rolled around. For 3 days none were bought so my hopes rose. Then the email and pouff all gone, c’est la vie.
Have 4 bottles of the estate wine in reserves as part of a mixed case. They’ll be good enough for me.

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Oh well
There are other Chardonnays to explore.

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