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Kumeu Fans

Does anyone know when TWS will offer Kumeu’s top cuvees for 2020 - Mate’s etc? Already receiving emails from elsewhere.

Supposed to be a very very good vintage as well

According to my records the 2019 Hunting Hill appeared on the TWS site in March 2021 as I purchased some almost immediately. Don’t know if there was an email highlighting the arrival - I never seem to receive those! The HH sold out very quickly.

These are on the site now.

Thank you for highlighting. The 2020s will be sought after.

Nice one. 6 pack each of Hunting Hill and Mates for me.

Not a small purchase but I’ve not been paying attention and missed 2017-19s here and I really do like these.

Sounds like they’ve really done well in 2020

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The single-vineyard mixed case also just appeared on the site.

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Thanks for flagging. That was enough for me to get involved, having resisted up until now.

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Yes thanks indeed for flagging.

Been waiting for these to drop, they werent there on Tue pm.

No email from TWS and Ive been buying since the 2014 vintage, two or three other TWS “spams” though in the past day.

Not greedy, 3 each of the Coddington and 3 Mates will do nicely.

Coincidently popped a 2016 Mates yesterday - drinking very nicely, elegant, mineral salinity and classy citric fruit and a touch of creamy richness to smooth it out. Yum.


Good to know on the 16, was thinking of pulling my mixed case from reserves

Its certainly more ready than a Mate 15 I drunk back in the Summer.


Ah! I was going to ask about the 2015. I’ve got a lone bottle lurking in my home storage and CT and other reviews suggest it’s good to go. How much longer do you think it needs?

And gone

Yep good shout. Personally I think the Estate cuvée is the best value and so I have a half case in the bag.

Wow, that was quick! I bought the 2019 case as well and, if I remember correctly, that was around for a lot longer…

I’m always amazed by the rate that some things set out. An email on the Kumeu River wines came out today which no doubt created a rush on the bank!

Me too…I also topped up half a case of the 2014 via L&W recently as it’s drinking beautifully right now.

I’m glad they’re gone. I can’t really afford any and sold out prevents any accidental slippage of the finger.


Been away and now it’s all gone.