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Kumeu 2018 Chardonnays offered

Just got an email offering the Kumeu 2018 Chardonnays from TWS… the prices, especially Hunting Hill look to be in the ascendency, it might just be my memory playing tricks though.

Happy browsing for those who are interested.



Looks to be about 12% more than I paid for the Mates Vinyard 2016 a couple years ago

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Hunting Hill is up +17% vs 2017 - I think that’s a little steep

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Okay, I think it is the Hunting Hill that particularly struck me. The blurb says that volumes are signiicantly down on that wine, so that might explain.

The price of the Estate Chardonnay remains stable ( I paid the same for the 2016 ) but you’re right about the single vineyard wines.

Also TWS used to price Hunting Hill at a discount to the likes of L&W and now is more expensive: GBP33.88 at L&W vs GBP34 at TWS

Interesting as well that TWS are offering the mature Coddington 2013 for 7 quid less than the 2018 new release - that looks good value relatively


as JR says this of the 2013 vintage

and ‘nigh-on perfect’ in much of the north island

we all know what the sensible thing to do is…


I hope you ordered already!


I bought 3 bottles of the Hunting Hill from L&W a few weeks ago because I didn’t want to buy a case of 6. To help spread the cost I paid the IB price - but given that VAT and Duty will probably go up in the next budget that’s an error on my part !

Given you should probably leave it alone for 5 years or so, I don’t think it was an error.

By the same token the 2013 Coddington probably has a longer life than the 2021 drink by date TWS are giving it.

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Only 47 bottles of 2013 left

Thanks for the heads up, Jancis Robinson’s website has a tasting note dated 2018, giving a window out to 2028. My 2010 Mate’s and Hunting Hill are still giving great pleasure and not tired in the least.

now sold out…this community has a lot to answer for!!

For what it’s worth, Michael Brajkovich, in his slightly chaotic Zoom presentation for the Society a couple of weeks ago, said his ideal “drinking window” for his wines was around 8-10 years bottle age. so the 2013s should be just about at their peak. I’ve been a regular buyer of Hunting Hill and had my last 2011 a couple of weeks ago, and just have a couple of the 2012s left. I too have never spotted a hint of tiredness in these wines.
I know these have been covered on another thread, but the “Zoomcasts” (is that a word now?) organised by 67 Pall Mall have a presentation by Michael scheduled for 18th June (details here), and for a modest(?) investment they will send you six samples (roughly 10cl usually) of their wines, including four of the 2018 Chardonnays. I’ve signed up. I’ve done three of these “tastealongs” so far, and they are fun and informative. If you just want to watch/listen to the presentation without the wines they are free live, or posted on YouTube a few days later.

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Gutted that I missed out on the 2013 Coddington. I didn’t get the email (and still haven’t - so it can’t be a batch issue). Given that I buy Kumeu River from TWS every year, very surprising and disappointing… I am increasingly becoming frustrated with TWS’s approach to only telling part of the membership about offers (particularly relevant offers of wines you have bought before)…


I know how frustrating it can be to see wines one covets have sold out. I have had that experience two years in a row over Grabenwerkstatt. But this is online shopping not The Reform Club. Things sell out. You can blame this community but not TWS as an organisation since the Coddington 2013 was not part of any offer (at least not one that I have seen and I bought some yesterday).

edit - I would have been happy with 6 rather than 12 (since I placed mine in reserves for now) but that at least is up to TWS - I wish they broke up all of their case sizes into sixes and would not complain if that was also the purchase limit.

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Has anyone received an email? I ordered some on May 30, when I did a stock check and there were <20 cases (can’t remember the precise number). It can’t possibly make sense to send an email for every small parcel of wine that is offered, so unless there’s evidence to the contrary I don’t think you were left off an email.

I received the 2018 offer mailing and then noticing the price hike for Hunting Hill searched around to see what other vintages cost and was struck by the price differential between Coddington 2013 and 2018 vintages so bought some 2013.

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Makes more sense to send an email for the 2018s… actually, so did I now I do a search, but it’s a long way down a long email and I hadn’t seen it (email title: “A delicious under-£10 Rioja exclusive from CVNE” makes it easy to miss).