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Kumeu 2017 Chardonnays offered



Just got an email about the 2017 Kumeu River Chardonnays, if anyone is interested.


I will pass based on my recent Hunting Hill mixed case experience. Decent wine, not for me.


Have you tried the Coddington. ??


I’ve not splashed out on the upper level Kumeu wines myself, but out of interest, how much age did the ones you tried have on them? Most of the favourable notes I have seen seemed to indicate that some time in bottle is desirable.


I bought 12 of each of the 2010 single vineyard Kumeu’s, I think the Coddington peaked in about 2017, but both the Mate and the Hunting Hill are still on an upward slope. The Mate is becoming something really special, this seems to be borne out by other tasting reports - Jancis Robinson did a vertical last year TN’s on her website


I was recommended these wines as an alternative to white burgundy that seems to be getting more and more expensive.


2011, 12 and 17… in my opinion the 11 or the 12 was really good (I don’t remember which), the 17 is promising if young, I still have a bottle.

I would not discourage anyone from buying, I simply said I will not buy. My January 2019 self would probably by the Mate, but my January 2020 self will not.

No, I did not.


I’ve got some 2014s in the cellar - was planning on giving them 8-10 years.


I bought the same mixed case as @szaki1974 and admired the 2011s though found them hard to love, however a 2012 at Christmas was excellent and more to my taste. The 2017 HHs will have to wait a while.