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Kooyong 2016 & 2017



Had this email earlier… Perhaps of interest to some or many? Apologies in advance if you’re tempted…

Reader, I succumbed to the mixed case…


Agh! I love Kooyong! Think I’ll have to file this one, along with the Fontodi offer, in Ones That Got Away…


I’ve been resisting so well lately but I am tempted . . .
(and thank you [I think] for posting, I did not get this one)


I have not actually tried any Kooyong, but have heard the name and seen the reputation, so thought it worth a chance. Enjoying Chardonnay much more than I used to… Forgotten about Fontodi…


Buy with confidence! It’s consistently classy stuff at every level.


Aww I’m so very tempted…I love Kooyong wines. Just wish I didn’t have to MOT the car tomorrow and pay for that instead :roll_eyes:


I understand that walking is very good for you! The children will love you for thinking even more about their health…


Their 2015 Estate Pinot is still on sale in the fine wine bin ends. That way you would save £33 which is half your MOT… and get a more mature pinot from what is supposedly a better vintage. Only 10 bottles left though… Buy them all and you’ve got your MOT refinanced. Is my math correct?


I will give this one a miss. If L&W ever manage to book it in to reserves I have a case of Circe 2016 Mornington PN I picked up from the BBR sale for £85/6 IB.


We were lucky enough to have the team from Kooyong over a few months ago and tasted through this range. I have to say I was blown away by the quality.

I too have spent a bit too much money on vino recently so I’ve just gone for two bottles of:

and I encourage everyone to try it. By far the most complex Sub-£20 pinot I’ve ever tried.


Just had The Society van deliver the Kooyoog bin end pinot, spotted this a while ago, so planning on starting my exploration with a cheaper wine.


Please let us know how you like it! I put mine in the reserves for the time being.


I’ve had this before and it was great. Added a bottle to my Christmas order to make sure it’s still great, you can never be too sure.