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Know your wine? Here's an App to help!


I recently discovered a fun and effective App for those wanting to increase their knowledge of wine and wine-making. It works on similar principles to Duolingo if anyone is familiar with that, i.e. learning is done through the little and often approach, with repetition to cement ideas. It’s really quite clever and could be a useful addition to revision if you’ve completed, or are working on, WSET type exams.


…only for iPhone…


I’m going to check this out, @Alchemist ! Doing WSET level 2 in September, so might come in handy!! :+1:


and ios 10.3 is essential too…


Oh darn it! I don’t have a smartphone… Just an Android tablet :confused:


Site says “Currently available only to iPhone users” which may indicate that Android could follow? Often is the case.


I shall pray to Bacchus then :angel:


I really like an app called VinoQuiz - you can adjust settings to focus on types of questions you’re most interested in. It’s definitely available on Android.


I think it’s made by an American because I find all the questions about the US really hard, but other than that, it’s great.



Even more annoying.


Never really got why its always on iPhone first when looking at the overall market share of Android vs iOS, vast majority is on Android.


There are more ‘flavours’ of Android, with numerous versions plus many ‘personalised’ versions of the OS by telecom operators

The benefit of iOS is that by contrast it is less varied


I think its also a case of the US has a higher proportion of iOS users vs Android and as everyone is in America the iOS gets developed first lol


There’s an additional issue where IIRC iOS users are more willing to pay than Android ones, so if you are looking to make your investment back it makes sense

(this is a bit dated, but makes the point)


Just realised I would have been on safer ground with religion or politics rather than phone operating systems… :scream:

Please don’t shoot the iPhone carrying messenger, and for anyone suitably equipped - enjoy!


Thanks so much for bringing this to our attention @Alchemist! I think I’ll give it a go - my wine smarts are seriously rusty these days. :upside_down_face:


Oh dear, only got iOS 7 and a bit :rage::rose::wine_glass:


Wonderful. A new addiction. Thanks @Alchemist :joy: