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Kids names , a bit of Friday fun


Thought this would be a fun topic for a Friday. Has anyone here named their offspring a wine related name ?? My son is called “Cooper” so kind of related as such. Having visited the Guinness hop house in Dublin a number of times it seemed apt .
I also recall the above comment where @robert_mcintosh discussed this too.


I have a friend called Margaux, because her parents really liked Ch Margaux. She must spend her life correcting everyone’s spelling of it.


I wonder if her name was inspired by Margaux Hemingway (the great man’s graddaughter)? Apparently she was thus named as her parents had consumed a bottle of the famous wine on the night she was conceived (their story). Though they spelled it Margot. She changed it to Margaux subsequently.


Not sure - they’re Belgian, and I’m not sure how big the Hemingways are there! Presume Ch Margaux is quite big everywhere though.


For some reason the Kolonics Juhfark jumps to mind… either would be a decent choice I reckon, especially in this country…

Too bad we settled on Felix… which also appears on a fair few wine labels


And if anyone’s surname is O’Brien, they’ve already got themselves one First Growth (as it sounds in French, anyway).


Ornellaia is a rather beautiful name - your friends did well there @robert_mcintosh

I suppose one alternative to Margaux would be Barbera? I couldn’t convince my wife on either for our daughter, sadly. Non-wine related names are so boring! :wink:


I wonder if beer drinkers do the same thing?

“We were going to name our son ‘GridleysOldDirigible’, but changed our mind to ‘Belligerent Ass’”


This also reminded me of this “Juhfark” from Cahors…


Snap @leah !!! My son is also a Cooper!


Remember the fashion for ‘Chardonnay’?


Hi @Leah. What a cool topic!
My kids are Rose (wine colour I guess :joy:) and Louis (after Louis Roederer my favourite Champagne! Or is it the French King?). So yes, pretty related to wine I guess!


My kids aren’t named after any wines, … but if I ever get the opportunity, there is a chance I might name a wine after them!



I’m expecting to see ‘Prosecco’ start rising up the ranks of popular names in the next couple of years…


I’ll let you know in about a month :stuck_out_tongue:


Apparently in 2016 a mere four Chardonnays were born/named… I remember reading a Jilly Cooper novel that had a character called Sauvignon. I suppose it’s better than darling little Spatburgunder.


She’s the one who’s always late :wink:


The mirror twin of Tempranillo…?


@winechief, you clearly have impeccable taste :wink:


whichever is the smaller could be Mini Cooper…