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Kerner, anyone?


Has anyone ever drunk a white wine made from the Kerner grape? I’m thinking about this wine particularly (which is recommended in ‘1000 wines to try before your die’ book):

Considering treating myself for a birthday wine- but would be nice to know if anyone had an experience of it…? Many thanks, as always! :wink:

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Yes, I believe I have … but can’t recall the details. I believe I actually tried one from Switzerland though

Would be interesting to know what this is like


I had a sparkling kerner in a blind tasting once. To be perfectly honest it’s not an experience I’d like to repeat…


Oooh! I’m intrigued now! What was unpleasant about it…? :open_mouth:


There are some German ones (from memory, Pfalz?). Not exceptional, but not unpleasant. (For years, I would have said it was awful because the first kerner I had tasted of damp cardboard, and I didn’t realise then what the problem was. (That is the real damage caused by faults: that an unwary drinker blames the wine, not that bottle.)


Well, none of you seem particularly excited so far. I wonder how it made it into ‘1000 Wines to Try before You Die’. Perhaps it was meant for another edition: ‘1000 wines to try if you want to die’. :thinking:


I haven’t had the specific wine mentioned, and I would certainly want to try any grape I had not previously tried, so if you haven’t had any kerner, go ahead.


Good point! Worth a try at least once. And I do love wines from Alto Adige, so should give it a go, I suppose!


The best way I can describe it is like a combination between very cheap champagne and moscato d’asti. It smelt like blueberries, elderflower, grass/hay and Turkish delight but was completely bone dry and low in acid. It was a completely mad. Perhaps it was a bad example… I’m sure the still wines are good!


I’ve had good Muller Thurgau from Sud Tyrol and that Kerner has a great reputation. Interested to see what you think.


OK, yes! This sounds like an experiment gone very wrong! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Will let you know if /when I end up buying it. I think I’m tempted, despite the general lack of enthusiasm :wink:


Kerner is a Riesling Cross breed, and J Robinson speaks quite highly of it as a productive grape. Supposedy common in the Franken region. We wait your assessment!


I shall report back from the field! :sunglasses:


Hi, Inbar

Not as unenthusiastic as some on here. I’ve tried a bottle of the still wine from the monks in Alto Adige and it was an interesting experience - definitely worth it. If I was trying to pin it down, I’d say it had some of the fruity characteristics of Riesling but dryer, and some of the floral hints of Gewurtztraminer but, again, dryer. Never found it since - I think it helps to drink it looking at a spectacular view somewhere in Northern Italy!
Cheers, Rob


Thanks, Rob! :+1: that is good to hear - and echoes what it says in that book. I am definitely going to give it a go. I’ll close my eyes and think of Alto Adige! :wink: