Keeping (open) bottles at a constant temperature

I’m starting to become a bit fussier about serving temperature for some wines, and I am encountering what I’m sure is a very common issue - my fridge is too cold for many whites, and my centrally heated flat is too warm for many reds. Reds can be brought down to the right temp by putting in the fridge for maybe 30 mins, and whites can be brought up by removing from the fridge, but neither stay that way for long and so commences the hopping back and forth between fridge and counter until I get bored/have consumed more than half the bottle and give up.

What do others find is the best way to keep a constant temperature - do coolers like this one do a decent job of maintaining the temp not only of a very cold bottle, but of those tricker light bodied reds that you want just a little below room temp but not fridge cold, and the whites you want a little above fridge cold but nothing approaching room temp?

My wife has one of the electronic ones, a bit like this - cooler

I’m not a fan - hence why I say my wife has! …the purchase pre-dates her time with me :rofl:

I’m sure there was a very similar topic very recently, though about an earthenware cooler rather than a plastic one, but I can’t remember or find the title. I don’t use one but I’m pretty certain a double-sided (vacuum?) container would keep the temperature pretty stable for a decent time.

Are you referring to this post, @Andy999 ?


Thanks Inbar. Yes that’s what I was thinking of.

Ah tremendous! Thanks all - I am off on safari shortly so this will do just nicely for all the grand crus I’ll be taking with me.


Turn the heating off and put a jumper on! Get your priorities in order - the wine!

Problem solved :smiley:


I was all for this, indeed I thought I had an even stronger argument given it would also result in better long-term storage conditions for the wine I have at home. My partner bafflingly thought differently!