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Keeping in touch ideas

Hi all,

As we are pretty much all isolated at the moment myself and my wife are working out how best to contact friends and relatives to get some sort of normality as its starting to feel like its been a while since I have seen everyone.

We have been working out ideas to keep in touch and we had breakfast with some of our friends via Whatapp video call yesterday. We basically had a phone setup that then cast to the main TV via a Chromecast in the front room. Was a great way to see everyone and just have a chat over breakfast without being there.

Within marketing here we currently have a regular daily ‘tea break’ meeting where everyone dials in to have a catch up on video to see how everyone is doing and to share anything they are working on over a nice cup of tea.

Anyone else tried a few other ideas to keep in touch with friends/family without physically being there?


Having been using video conferencing tech at work for a while, I’ve found Zoom to be the most stable. Unfortunately so has everyone else, so it’s been a little less good recently!

It was very useful for a virtual birthday party as you can share just your computers audio and thus all be listening to the same music while having a glass of wine together.


I’ve been using Zoom for chats with friends and also for virtual committee meetings. My cat likes to join in too.


My company is encouraging everyone to use Microsoft Teams as a way of staying in touch. Had to run a 3 hour call with colleagues last week, built in several breaks to put the kettle on and ‘puffing’ breaks for the smoker in the group. Something fun about everyone walking away from their laptops, leaving the cameras on, to go make a brew! I could get used to this remote working. Teams seems to work well as it goes seamlessly between chat and calls.


We have been using Zoom at home (all of us, even the four-year old buy with his class) for domestic socialising. Very easy and the connection seems decent enough.

I’ve been using Teams for work, it seems very slick and well-integrated into everything Microsoft.

Last one I’ve use since Lockdown is Houseparty. Definitely not work-focussed, connection seemed fine, apparently you can play all sorts of games on it. However, I suspect it is targetted at a younger generation and also occurred to me when setting up that it wants a lot of your personal info.


We were/are mid-migration from Skype to Teams at work. My team is still on Skype. It is not as good as teams!

I’m still trying to get my whole team to embrace the new world! Teams is definitely better for work. Find the video conferencing works better too


I have been using teams for quite a while now, we did trial a few other bits of software like Slack and Trello, but really getting into teams, there are a few limitations but great for contacting and sharing things around work - really good now that everyone is a bit fragmented.

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we’ve migrated today - teams far superior !

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trello is good for projects and tasks - assigning them, detailing, prompting etc

Implemented it to a client for a team that had a mix of shift workers, remote workers and field base…very happy with it

We’ve been using Zoom for virtual committee meetings and we’re trying it for (don’t laugh… oh, go on, do laugh) virtual Morris practice. It works well for meetings.
I’ve set up a couple of private Facebook groups and WhatsApp groups for members of my choir and Scottish dancing societies to just idly chat with each other.
Being a hermit by nature, isolation doesn’t bother me unduly.

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Our rugby club committee meeting is by Microsoft Teams on Monday…this could be fun !