Keenly priced red Burgundy with some bottle age

While browsing the website I came across this wine.

Good reviews on Cellartracker / Burghound (bit of negativity from 2015 on TWS site though) generally for this wine, but little of this particular vintage. I myself have not tried, but popped a few bottles in an order. It is limited to 3 bottles per member, might be part of an upcoming offer.

Looks like the Society may have squirrelled part of the stock away for a while, as the comments are from 2015 and none thereafter. Which would make sense if it had gone into a more closed-down phase for a while.

I was thinking the same. The deed is now done, so will get to know first hand.

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I followed the link and realised that one of those reviews was mine. And that I had reviewed the wrong wine, you will be pleased to know! As part of a hugely disappointing 2008 EP purchase that I shared with my brother ( who is very knowledgeable when it comes to wine) we had three bottles each of a Savigny from the same producer - but it was the Aux Grands Liards Vieilles Vignes, not the Premier Cru Narbonnais, as I have just realised!

Anyway it was dire stuff, some going down the sink and some used to cook with. Which is appalling for a wine that cost well north of £20 per bottle. In fact our whole purchase was disappointing and TWS took back everything still in its drinking window and refunded us our money. Which didn’t include the Savigny as it was already past TWS drink by date, which is fair enough.

So I really need to ask TWS to remove that review as it is not for that wine - though the other one is not exactly fullsome either. Good luck - I will be interested to know what you think of it @szaki1974.


Your review was quite diplomatic considering!
Having said that I’ve now had to confront the horror of my Cellartracker “My consumed bottles” - I’d prefer not to see the amount in black and white. Turns out I’ve had 4 bottles from that domain since being on there, 2 of the 2008 les Gravains, and Aux Grand Liards 2010 and 2011. They have a very light, austere style from the few bottles I’ve had, not my favourite producer but I might give this another go.


Hmmm. A number of the 2008s are reported as having been through an inaccessible patch from which they are emerging. I don’t know if that describes the Camus Bruchon wines as I haven’t got any of their 2008s, though I do have a case of the 2007 Aux Grands Liards. A different sort of vintage of course, but I rather had Camus Bruchon down as being sympathetic to the Savigny terroir. They are not big sweet wines, but nor are they thin and meagre. They do have some structure. At least, the ones I have tried.

It will be interesting to hear reports of how this one is faring currently.


I have removed your review for you :slight_smile:


Ah, thank you @M1tch!

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I think TWS drinking dates for red burgundy tend to be very conservative. 2008 struck me as a high acid vintage when young and needed time .

2008s are beginning to come round now.

We tasted the Narbontons 2008 at a wine tasting last Friday here in Southampton. It smelled and looked like the real deal, lovely decaying vegetable nose that only a mature red burgundy can offer. Tasting it confirmed my view of the 2008 vintage as disappointing. It was certainly a much better wine than the EP Camus Bruchon that we bought, but just something lacking in terms of mouthfeel and depth of flavour - for me at least. Perhaps it would have been better with food, which I presume is the way the winemaker assumes drinkers are consuming their wines.


As @JamesS observes, the 2008’s are coming round now, but quite a few have been closed for business, and some may not have emerged yet, or not got there yet. It’s an inexact science at the best of times.

It may be, @JayKay, that this wine may improve quite a bit with couple more years under its belt.

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Well patience is clearly not a virtue I have managed with these wines :confused: