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Kanonkop - why the wait? (a grump)

May 2019 and the latest mailing from TWS includes Kanonkop Estate Pinotage 2015.

But this wine was being sold by Majestic in May 2018, a full year ago.

The 2016 vintage was released in 2018.

So why the long wait to get Kanonkop into TWS?

I collect this wine and I’d prefer to buy from TWS but if I see the 2016 I’ll buy it as I have no guarantee that I’ll be able to get it from TWS a year later. (I paid £25 at Majestic for the 2015, it’s £22.50 at TWS)

(the 2015 vintage was stellar and Kanonkop’s Estate Pinotage 2015 is superb)

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I also expected that the 2009 would be again made available this year, similar to the 2008 last year, but not yet…

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The winery do release a 10 year old wine every year. The 2009 vintage was available at the winery when I was there in March.

2009 vintage was wonderful (as was the 1999 - is there something about years ending with ‘9’ - I have high hopes of 2019)

I have only one bottle left of the twenty four bottles of 2009 I bought in 2011 and 2013, so I’ll be tempted by more 2009…

You’ll need a Society spokesperson for chapter and verse - but they may well be sitting on wines they think need a while to come round.

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Yes, I am puzzled by this policy. I have been collecting Vin De Constance for a few years and note that the 2015 is widely available elsewhere but I assume not from TWS until this years Christmas list if at all. Would much prefer buying from TWS but waiting involves a bit of a risk!!

If that’s the case maybe it would be nice if TWS could let us know what stuff they have like that and when they’re going to release it.