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Ch. Musar and I arrived on the British wine scene at the same time. We were living in Hampton (Mddx) at the time and the fact that they eventually established their UK headquarters there wasn’t anything to do with my being one of their first customers.

I thought this wine amazing and quite unlike anything I had previously drunk. In fact, back in those days, of course, one couldn’t be at all sure what one drunk given that the label and the contents of well known French wines seldom coincided. What a shock we lesser mortals had when Appelation Controlée appeared on the British scene. We all had to start over again.

I eventually became very conservative in my wine drinking, having a cellar where one could store supplies. In recent years we have settled on a limited number of wines hardly any of which comes from the New World as it happens. Some we buy direct from French suppliers on our regular French wanderings.

We ‘discoverd’ the wonderful whites of Viré Clessé a long time ago. It is interesting that having regularly visited this area and being amazed at the quality and the price I tried to introduce the idea to the Society only to be told that unfortunately there was but little demand from the membership for this wine. But look at it now! It is clear that we members can be pioneers.

Italian white wine from Piemonte is also a regular with us - Lugana - whereas for our red wine consumption we tend to move somewhat to the Italian south given that their wines go so well with dishes containing tomato.

I seldom buy wine following a write-up however glowing given that I don’t trust them. And that I fear includes the Wine Society’s lists having discovered a professional ‘words person’ comes between me and the wine buyer; but any recommendation direct from a Society buyer is a different matter. No, a new wine In our house - a seldom occurrence - is usually as a result of having encountered it someplace.

And that’s about it. I have now reached the age where I no longer buy wines for laying down, thinking I might be laying down before they are ready to raise themselves.

My wife and I live in Cobham in Surrey and Faversham in Kent by the way.