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Just Moved

No problem moving the wine but now no cellar!, I sold a small wine fridge last year as it had never been used and was not big enough for the job anyway.

It is interesting reading on another thread about the pros and cons of various wine fridges, when I get one it will have to be in the garage and therefore be one that copes with the extremes, if there are any, of temperature, that of course means more money from what I have perused so far.
From the same scanning of what is available one cannot help but come to the conclusion that wine fridges are a giant rip off, but I have no choice.
On the same basis we will have to have a fridge freezer in the garage as well, as the built in one as with all built in appliances is smaller than the free standing versions, and while going through lists of those that also have to cope with the fluctuating temperatures a couple of makes advertise the fact they have the ability to work in a garage at down to -15c, amazingly they are only £320 for a full size fridge freezer, a far cry from the overpriced similar sized wine fridges.
As fridges rarely go wrong from our experience paying for a name gets you little extra other than looks and better shelves etc, in a garage that matters little, but as far as the wine fridge goes it looks as though I will have to bite the bullet or build a wine room in the corner of the garage that will at least take all of my bottles.

As an adjunct to this I have seen several people on here in recent times talking about the stress of moving, I humbly suggest they are beginners in that field, I include a link to a piece on my moving ‘experiences’ I have written for a blog, you may or may not be interested but here is the link anyway.


Having also just moved and also just bought a new fridge freezer (and a small wine fridge for my long term storage wines), yes.

That said I am surprised at how much nicer my new LG is in terms of lay out and keeping temperature steady and consistent that my (south london rental property) fridge freezer. I’m also hoping it needs defrosting far less regularly.


My word you do seem to have had more than your fair share of bad luck with moving. Finding a suitable home for your wine should be wee buns in comparison! I hope you are happy in your new home and that it has all been worth it.


I came to the same conclusion and bought mine second hand on eBay. They live in an integrated garage, which doesn’t drop below 0° so I don’t think there’s much risk of them breaking down. For a grand total of £250, they do what I need them to and almost as important, keep everything out of regular, direct eyesight of she who ought to be obeyed.


I went down the second-hand route and got myself a used Climadiff; it’s been in situ since September, and has kept everything at a perfect 11 degrees through hot & cold times alike in a stand-alone garage/shed where it really does get hot when the sun’s out and cold when it’s frosty etc. Very impressed with it I am from that perspective.

What I don’t like about it is having bottles piled up on top of one another and not being able to access stuff easily / forgetting what’s where [and what’s even in there sometimes!] But that’s a different issue, and as much to do with me as it is with the fridge itself.


We’re in the process of moving and can sympathise with a number of the experiences in that blog piece. This time we’ve had the joy of dealing with a vendor using Purple Bricks to sell their place and the lack of communication that comes with that. The uncertainty of it all until exchange happens has driven me insane at times. In just about any other situation you’d walk away thinking it’s not worth the hassle but you have too much cash and emotion tied up in the process to do that here.

Can’t offer much on wine fridges except that I’ll want one for the new place and various discussions on here have been very helpful for providing info.


Thanks, and you are almost certainly correct about the wine fridge !

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