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Just joined? Here are some ideas for next steps


If you are a new member of the community, welcome!

You should have received a private note from @laura or myself as well, but I thought I would post a handy list of NEXT STEPS that might help you to make the most of the community.

  1. Check your ‘Display Name’ - we use this to know who we are speaking to and how to address you. It is important that this has your REAL name, not a copy of your username, and our guidelines require you to list it for transparency reasons.

  2. Why not add a photo? It is much more social to interact with people you can see, or imagine, than to letters.

  3. Tell us about yourself. There are two ways: (1) Add a short biography to your profile so all members have a way to get to know you by clicking on your avatar [ONLY members get to see this], and (2) add a post to the introductions thread and get a chance to add a few more details to this story

  4. Choose how often the site will send you a ‘digest’. By default, you will get a summary email every 3 days to tell you what were the most popular posts since your last visit. You can modify this to daily, or weekly, depending on your preferences. Note, this is always based on your ‘last visit’, so if you visit regularly anyway you will not receive emails, only if you stay away for more than 3 days. We hope this is a reasonable balance.

There are plenty more way, but hopefully this will get you started and help you make the most of what is a very friendly and busy community already.

If you have any questions, please let me know

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I see you say “our guidelines require you to list it”. With respect, this is rather confusing – guidelines are discretionary advice, while the word “require” implies obligation.


Hi there @DiomedeaExulans

I’m sorry for the confusion.

This was a friendly post, and therefore just a summary. The full name of the document referred to is:

The Society’s Community Name and Username Policy and Guidelines

So we are referring to the Name and Username Policy that members agree to when they join.

The relevant section is this:

“The Society believes it is very important that Wine Society members should be able to see other members’ names so that participation is open, honest and frank – but also responsible and attributable. We therefore require that the Display Name field is completed accurately with a first name (or title) and surname for all users.”

I actually don’t like to use the word require, but I’m not sure what to use to explain that while we can stay flexible and give people time to update and modify these names, that we do feel it is important enough to make it a rule that is applied to all.

I tried to explain the reasoning behind it in this post some weeks ago:

Does this help to explain the thinking behind the policy for you?


Find this very confusing- so will delete my profile


I’m very sorry to hear that

Can I help to explain it?

You can always stop all the emails but keep your username and your profile


Am now trying my best to delete my profile - don’t want to be part of this
Just wanted to follow the tasting tonight


Hi there - the tasting will be starting very soon if you would like to follow along! There will be a new topic posted on the main part of the Community homepage very shortly - https://community.thewinesociety.com/