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June 2020 on The Community [newcomers, click here!]

Hello all!

Welcome to your monthly roundup of events, top latest discussions and highlights to help you keep up with all the brilliant things you Community guys are doing.

Are you new here?

Why not Introduce Yourself - and if you need a hand, never hesitate to ask our Community staff (@laura - me! - and @Kelly) and @Mentor group!

Events this month

Here’s what’s coming up for you to take part in this month:

Tuesday 2nd June: Italy Day picture quiz

Thursday 4th June: #TWSTaste - A First Taste of Two New Exhibition wines

Tuesday 9th June: Quiz - How Well Do You Know The Wine Society?

Thursday 11th June: #TWSTaste - Born in the USA

Tuesday 16th June: Lunch with a Buyer Special - Wine Champs

Thursday 18th June: #TWSTaste - Drink Pink!

Top Recent Discussions

  1. What should The Wine Society do to celebrate its 150th anniversary? Add your ideas! (Thanks @Brocklehurstj!)
  2. Mailing preferences - the debate rages on about the best way to hear about our latest offers/how frequently you’d like to be contacted. Add your views. (Thanks, @Frankket!)
  3. What are your top Society-label wines? Lots of great suggestions here (thanks, @Dalelowey!)
  4. Bordeaux 2019 En Primeur - This is about to kick off, and we’re doing things a little differently this year, so check out this post explaining what’s happening and how to join our private En Primeur Discussions group.

New User(s) of the Month

The Community bots :robot: have once again picked two top users from our newcomers to award the New User of the Month badge - congrats this month to:

@P_Kerr-Dineen, who joined us for our live Bordeaux taste-along
@nomimasu, who did so as well!

Tasting note of the month

As ever, we’re spoiled for choice - but I think May’s standout has to be this excellent contribution to last week’s #twstaste by @Cormski:


Nothing this month, except to thank you all for your continued inspiring and wonderful contributions to this Community. :clap: Well done all of you!


Better get a Rosé in…