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July 2022 Press Tasting

Yes, it could be next to a page of aggregated press reviews!


@SteveF there are a few of us who are waiting (quite) patiently to see whether the member reviews and press reviews pages could be reinstated. Completely understand it wasn’t a top level priority for the new website but is there still a plan or at least a chance we could get them back? Many thanks


Yes there is a plan to bring these back. I would have liked to do this sooner but we havent been able to introduce any new releases for quite some time as we have been working through payments changes. I hope these will deliver soon and then we will get back to the priority list of website enhancements


Thank you that is much appreciated @SteveF

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Many thanks Mr H.

As you can see from today’s order focussing on the press tasting & your notes, I’m in your debt! (the deviation to couple of bottles of Muscadet is for the Lady Lapin)

Cheers. Tim


Great idea

At the very least they should send them to @Herbster as a thank you (including the mystery coin toss bottle)

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Never quite understood why it wasn’t migrated at the time. It didn’t strike me as especially technically difficult. Very odd since the ‘member centric’ ethos of the business.

Steve, can we also re-instate the sort by member reviews function? Used to be on the old site and as you can see, some of us place great store by the opinions of our fellow members. I used to find it helpful for an initial sort and I think most of us are wise to not place too much store by the occasional single negative review, but do when we see lots of positive reviews, especially if it’s people whose opinions you have learned to trust a bit.

Many thanks for all your very informative reviews and for your favourites list. So glad you enjoyed the experience.


Jancis has her reviews up on her website in case we need a comparison.

Who needs Jancis when we’ve got @Herbster :star_struck:!


Apologies that this is a little late, but it was great to meet you at the tasting, and so glad you enjoyed it. The notes are fab, thanks for taking the time to share them.


Working my way through my @Herbster mixed case (I know, not an official TWS case but it should be)

Les Eclats de Branas Grand-Poujeaux, Moulis 2007 £18

I cannot believe it’s still in stock, this is mature Bordeaux at it’s absolute peak - give it a year and it might be way past (passed?) it’s best. Strangely it reminds me of the traditionally aged wines from Cavas de Weinert: bright garnet in the glass fading to a brick red rim, massive initial notes of leather & prunes with (slightly concerning) brett + mint + questionably old wine.

On the palate all is reassured: as TWS say ‘old school mature claret’ - bright, with grip and notes of Victoria plum - its a glass you keep coming back to. Fantastic buying by Tim Sykes.

Finish…a bit sour, drops off very quickly.


IF YOU LIKE older wines this is a delight but I have no idea how long it will stay at it’s peak. Buy it now, drink it this autumn and perhaps winter.


I have one just arrived but I don’t plan to sit on it too long!