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July 2022 Press Tasting

So … nearly two and half years ago, my name was pulled out of a hat (along with @lapin_rouge and @strawpig) to take part in the Society’s regular press tasting and swirl, sniff and slurp a whole lot of wines, to report back to you lovely people.

That was meant to take place in March 2020, and we all know why that didn’t happen. Well, @lapin_rouge made it to the tasting last September, and tomorrow it will be my turn. Sadly, @strawpig can’t make it this time so I will be tasting solo, getting through as many as my untutored, amateur palate will let me!

I’ll be a day tripper, so it’s early train for me in the morning, and hopefully by then my nose will have recovered from the guided tour of the local sewage works that we went on this morning, because it’s been repeating on me all afternoon.

I’m afraid I won’t be able to check in with the forum or post selfies with @Ewan on the day itself, as my phone is a little, shall we say, retro, but I’ll say hi when I get back and will be putting up notes on everything I taste once I’ve typed it all up into something vaguely coherent.



Most important thing - enjoy yourself!


Have a fab time, @Herbster! looking forward to your notes, but as Andy says - first and foremost enjoy yourself! :grin::wine_glass:

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Can’t wait to read your tasting notes on the new range of Yellow Tail wines that the Society is launching next week! :joy:


Have a great time, take lots of notes or you’ll forget everything, and remember, no matter how delicious the wine, you really do need to spit :laughing:


@herbster’s mother will be well chuffed at that exciting news!


I’m so thrilled you are finally getting to do this !! Have the best day and can’t wait to hear all about it whenever you get a a chance :star_struck:.

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It’s a wonderful day: enjoy it, but, as everyone else has said, take notes (and pace yourself: keep thinking about the tasting order which is best for you).
Are you going to the AGM as well?


The first rule of TWS tasting notes: dont publlsh anything until you have secured at least a case of the finest! (( and of course p.m. me in advance!))

Oh… and wear a wine coloured shirt. :slight_smile:

Pacing yourself is part of the day, but allow time to ‘go for it’ in the last hour or so, backtrack over the special bottles, ideally buttonhole some ‘noses in the know’ for a masterclass


Oh, good question, I don’t know. I had no plans to, but I’m in town for the day … I’ll see where the afternoon takes me.

I’ll see what I can dig out! :laughing:

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If you are on the train hope you don’t nod off and wake up in Exeter!! Have a great time!


Enjoy your once in a lifetime opportunity :wine_glass:


Glad to see you’re taking one for the team - Have a great day! You’ll be a professional by the day is out, I’m sure.

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He made it - can you tell from the smiles who has been hosting and who has been tasting??!!


That’s a one happy (wine) bunny!! :grin: :clap: :wine_glass:


Phew! Got back a couple of hours ago, didn’t fall asleep on the train, partly because it was one of those ones that splits off and you have to be sitting in the right carriage otherwise you’re in trouble and ergh… (I was in the right carriage, but only just, and the lingering, nagging doubt kept me alert!)

Anyway, it was a lovely day as you can tell by my purple teeth and goofy grin - big thanks to @Ewan and to all the buyers for making me feel very welcome. I didn’t get through every wine but I have many many notes scribbled down, and at some point this week I will try to make sense of them and cobble something together for you :+1:

And now…
:sleeping_bed: :zzz:


Lovely to meet you, Paul. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the wines.

@strawpig - hopefully your turn next. Will send the September date to you soon.


@Ewan where do I sign up? :smile:
This is a great initiative to invite members to this kind of activities
Well done TWS!


Looking forward to the report ….

I think it’s been going on for a while. Ewan announces the date and asks for volunteers at which point a flood of people beg for the honour.

I think the joint notes of @Tom and @Cormski were some of my favourite early threads (links below) and jointly responsible for a wishlist overload and my (first) exponential YoY increase in spending. Surely that’s not why @Ewan does it :face_with_raised_eyebrow: