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July 2020 on the Community [newcomers, click here!]

Hello all!

Welcome to your monthly roundup of events, top latest discussions and highlights to help you keep up with all the brilliant things you Community guys are doing.

Are you new here?

Why not Introduce Yourself - and if you need a hand, never hesitate to ask our Community staff (@laura - me! - and @Kelly) and @Mentor group!

Events this month

There’s three brilliant events for you to take part in this month:

Thursday 9th July: #TWSTaste - Chianti Champs (low stocks of the wines!)

Thursday 16th July: ‘Bring your own’ #TWSTaste - Presenting Portugal

Thursday 30th July: #TWSTaste - ‘Aged to Perfection’ Fine Wine

Top Recent Discussions

  1. What’s been your best bottle of lockdown? A topic full of joyful wine moments - we’d love to hear yours.
  2. Bordeaux 2019 En Primeur - Bordeaux 2019 continues apace, and the main offer launches in July, so check out this post explaining what’s happening and how to join our private En Primeur Discussions group so you don’t miss out on all the en primeur chat!
  3. Do you think your wine tastes will change over time? How does this affect what you buy, and what you store in your wine rack/cellar for future years? Join the debate. (Thanks, @Andy999!)
  4. Can you recommend a good Sherry, or a good sweet wine? You’ve been collecting some great suggestions - thanks @strawpig and @matedw for starting the discussion!
  5. Is there going to be a short-ter VAT reduction, and what do we think this means for wine buyers? Another interesting discussion (thanks @Taffy-on-Tour!)

New User(s) of the Month

The Community bots :robot: will be picking two top users from our newcomers to award the New User of the Month badge - details TBC in early July!

Tasting note of the month

It’s taken me ages to choose as I’ve loved reading your tasting notes! But this from @NeilS is poetically effusive and brings this tempranillo to life beautifully:


Nothing this month, except to thank you all for your continued inspiring and wonderful contributions to this Community. :clap: Well done all of you!