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Judging previous generations

Just flying a kite here. I sure we all look back at slavery in horror and a crime against humanity. Do you think future generations will look back at us and see people who reared, slaughtered and ate fellow members of the animal kingdom in horror and a crime against sentiment beings.

Or perhaps look back on those who drank rosé with the same incredulity we feel for the Roman habit of mixing in sea water?


Of course future generations might well look at the empty green fields and wonder just what cows, pigs and sheep looked like. Moreso, what they tasted like! Shame!

Theyll not be empty green fields, solar panel farms

Let’s go Nuclear now!!! (substitute Timewarp if required).

Let’s ignore the kite at the top of the thread; this is far more fun!

I imagine the thing that history will judge us (current adults) on will be the complete lack of urgency in averting the obvious climate crisis. Decades of dither and delay.



Have you watched Don’t Look Up?

It’s on my wishlist but haven’t watched it yet, despite a few recommendations.

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Cop 26 will do as much use as Munich 1938. ( Robert Harris might disagree)

Be, sorry

The study and analysis of history is to explain what happened and why. It is not to judge previous generations by a moral code or laws applicable today.
It seems to be a rather smugly self righteous habit of certain groups of people today to have become self appointed judges of what they perceive to be previous generations’ failings and exact judicial revenge accordingly.


My only rider is, those people had the bible as a moral compass. All men are born email etc.

Equal, not getting the hang of predictive text

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That’s no moral compass. Every kind of foul behaviour has been sanctioned in the name of the bible, most particularly in the way humans treat each other.


They were taught a perfectly adequate framework on how to behave. If they chose to ignore it then I think we can look back and judge them by that benchmark.

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I must admit the old testament is a bit fierce, maybe you’re right.

A lot of the early revolutionaries such as John Ball were empowered by the bible’s teachings, so some good couple happen. It is a great area I concede.

Grey, again!