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Jeroboam anyone

I have no current need for one of these though couldn’t resist at this price.


Free delivery too which is a bonus!

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Where will you store it?

In the garage, for consumption at a bbq/picnic in the summer.

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I have a jeroboam of Bollinger in the cupboard which had been there since the Christmas before last. Bought to be part of my wife’s fiftieth shenanigans it is untouched and until more than two of us are around to drink it I think it will remain so.


What are the acceptable minimum numbers for the uncorking of a jeroboam do we think? I admit to being rather nervous of opening a magnum just for two (although I did consider steralising and bottling the rest into halves)

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I think a magnum is acceptable for three, therefore a jeroboam should be acceptable for 6, or maybe even 5 committed to the cause!


3 litres of wine so 6-8 people. I’m thinking it’s a novelty factor for a get together.

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If it’s a wine that does improve with opening a magnum can be interesting for two over a couple of days.

I use one of these

Vacu Vin Wine Saver Gift Set - Black | 1 x Vacuum Pump + 2 x Vacuum Wine Stopper https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B000GA3KCE/ref=cm_sw_r_wa_api_fabc_AAFZF0E116ZH5GCR9P8N?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1

and find that wine keeps very well for consumption over a couple of days. They work on magnums too.

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“a magnum is the perfect size for two gentlemen over lunch, especially if one isn’t drinking”.

attrib. Sir Winston Churchill


@NicolaR - have you tried pouring a jeroboam?

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Hahah! No! Do you have any tips, Peter? Do I need to start weigh training? :grin:

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Make sure it is the first wine of the evening…


I haven’t done it myself, but I was at a dinner where all the wine came in large bottles. Two people were needed, one to take the weight, the other to carefully tip the wine into glasses.

Too much of an angle and the wine gushes out.

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Thanks for the insight Peter.

I was thinking of decanting half into a couple of decanters and leaving the bottle on display for show and topping up the decanters.


That sounds like a very sensible approach.

I have a jeroboam of ch ormes de pez 2019 waiting for a big birthday in 2028.

Reading various threads on here I learn about the practicalities of lifting and pouring a bottle that size and the slower maturation as compared to a bottle.

I now need to reforecast slower maturation times, and pouring it before failing muscle mass and arm strength hits its stride, and hope that the resultant analytics conclude that I should still drink it in 2028 as planned. Perhaps the spreadsheet thread could help. :wink:


I seem to recall that champagne jeroboams and upwards have a wider neck, though. (Sorry to sound vague - we have always opened them for drinking up on the same day).

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Using vacupump was in response to a question about sharing a magnum between two (rather than a jeroboam :grin:)

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Yes, a good example of talking at cross purposes! Sorry!

(I do use champagne stoppers as they do a good job of keeping the wine for a couple of days, so thought I would mention it on that basis.)

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