January Fine Wine List is up

Anyone going for anything on the new Fine Wine List?


I’ve ordered some of this Brouilly on the strength of Jancis’s review, that it gets almost universal approval on Cellar Tracker, and because I love a good Beaujolais!


I also couldn’t resist ordering this after @szaki1974 comments - always enjoy trying something new and this sounds exciting.


Finally, some of this tempting sounding Bordeaux,


I was tempted by many more but have managed to reign myself in… so far.


I’m definitely going to grab another bottle or two of the Château Thivin Beajoulais. We had that back in the Summer - lovely stuff and a great vintage (shame all TWS great offerings sold out in no time!)

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I raved last year about the previous vintage of this Spanish white made from albilla:

Albilla - when I finally figured out it was not the same thing as Albillo (not bad itself) - was definitely my wine discovery of 2017.

The 2015 vintage of this seemed very good value at GBP11 (I think I purchased it as a bin end) and GBP 14 is a steep increase but although I haven’t purchased yet, my resistance is slipping.


Added to my wishlist!

I got the Hungarian mixed case in the end and the Dead Arm Shiraz (as it was mentioned quite a few times last year).


I’m going for the St Chinian case, the California whites and then a try of the Somloi Juhfark and the Olivier Leflaive Bourgogne (a baby Puligny with a drinking window to 2030 for £18). Intrigued by the latter 2 especially. Domaine Leflaive Puligny wines en primeur 2015 were restricted to one bottle only, starting at £35, with an expectation of vast over subscription. Hype? Certainly appetite whetting. Any experience from others?

could that be a typo? might they mean 2020?

Olivier Leflaive and Domaine Leflaive (owned by a cousin of Olivier) are separate outfits. As I understand Olivier Leflaive is a negociant business, while the Domaine have their own parcels… I think they used to have the same winemaker, but not sure if that is still the case.

Regardless, the wine is probably very good.

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Details here, Oliver broke away when Vincent Leflaive died and Anne his daughter took over.

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Here are some details on the site in the Burgundy grower guides:



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Thank you all for this help. Still looks pretty interesting and good pedigrees with terroir, negociant and wine making skill makes for an attractive proposition. Trying alongside the Hungarian version of merseult will be a pleasant task.

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Just thought I’d pop by to recommend the (still available) Case for Tasmania, as I’m down to the last bottle. Lovely wines, particularly the Tolpuddle Chardonnay - which unfortunately is only available in this mixed case :smiley:


Must say I enjoyed the Tolpuddle Chardonnay when I had it a while back.

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Funnily enough I e just been looking at this case today … which wine did you enjoy the most ?

So far the Tolpuddle. Very atypical aussie chardonnay, delicious. I only have the Freycinet Pinot Noir left, the other reds went down very nicely. And rather quickly.

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Heading down to tassie tomorrow. They have produced some great wines since release so looking forward to seeing it.

Would argue is no longer atypical but certainly a big change from years gone by.


Stop showing off @Tim_S :tired_face:

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The case is going on my basket :+1:, thanks @tom

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I make that 2/2 recommendations in your basket :rofl: Liquid commissions accepted from tws :grinning:

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