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January 2020 on The Community



Hi everyone,

We’re very lucky indeed to have so many wonderful contributions to this Community from so many brilliant members. So many, in fact, that for newcomers or people who don’t visit as often as others, it can be a bit daunting to catch up!

We’re currently working on a small redesign of the Community homepage to make it easier and more friendly to navigate, whether you’re a seasoned user or less familiar with this site.

In the mean time, I’m going to post a monthly roundup of news, events, popular topics, and highlights to help people find the good stuff easily.

Here’s the first one! It’ll probably change a bit as we evolve. If you have feedback on things you like/things you think we’re missing then please shout. :slight_smile:


Coming up: January #twstaste : A tale of two tannats: Thursday 23rd Jan, 8-9pm
If you’d like to join us for our monthly virtual tasting, we’ll be toasting winter with two examples of the red tannat grape from opposite sides of the Atlantic.

Catch up… on our December tasting of Christmas Fine Wines to see what these tastings are like, and some of you also held your own guerilla tasting of old and young examples of the blaufrankisch grape.

Top posts

  1. Your top wines of 2019 - share your highlight of the year and get inspiration for your next special bottle…
  2. Garnacha/Grenache tasting - and title - suggestions please - help a fellow member with their next tasting theme
  3. Vintage 2018 Burgundy EP offers and tastings (non TWS) - a great topic for en primeur buyers/Burgundy fans! If you want more en primeur chat, you can join our private En Primeur group.
  4. South of France “Tatin” recipe - another gorgeous recipe idea from @DrEm
  5. Suggestions? champagne alternative - this roundup of excellent sub-£15 fizz ideas proves that sparkling wine is for any day, not just special occasions!

New User of the Month

The Community bots :robot: have picked a top user from our newcomers to award the New User of the Month badge - congrats to @sequentialogic, who we learned is not just a new user of the Community but a new member of the Society! And thanks for getting stuck in with some of the topics above!

Tasting note of the month

A brand new feature here, so we’ll start with two winners:

Both are from one of our regular Weekday drinking threads:


and @Inbar:

You don’t get a prize unfortunately (sorry!) unless you count being immortalised in our first ever monthly news post…?!

That’s it for this month, but I’m sure there’ll be more things to add next month as we really get stuck into 2020.

Any questions? Just ask. :slight_smile:

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