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Jancis Robinson’s wines for the festive season

Jancis Robinson’s guide to the best festive wines

Some of the wines available via TWS.


Are you buying the forum a subscription for Christmas by any chance? :grinning:

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Should, as I tell everyone at work endlessly , is my least favourite word :joy:

I’ve long since hammered anything free out of the FT - only subscribe to read for me. Any highlights?

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Sorry for that. I’ve tried from another device and it’s not working either. I’ll see what I can do.

Replaced link. This should be free to read now.


:+1: Working now

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Drat. That’s a case of Brocard 2019 Chablis into reserves then…


Quite a few of her WS recommendations are either sold out or out of stock.

This month’s Decanter has a feature on 2019 Chablis that has got me seriously tempted. Brocard was well rated there too :+1:

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Anything about Billaud there?

Domaine Samuel Billaud, Vielles Vignes Chablis 1er Cru Séchet was 5th out of 35 best Chablis’ 2019s according to Andy Howard MW…

Crystalline fruit character with great finesse. Stone fruit on the palate, some floral notes and great concentration.

Yum! There were several others from Brocard and Billaud in the 35.

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And these will presumably be available just after we’ve spent all our money on the 2019 Rhone EP.:roll_eyes:

That’s my quandary too. I will definitely be balancing the funds to allow for some Chablis too though. Whether I wait for TWS is probably the question.

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Happily, I managed to bag two bottles of the Barberini before it went out of stock. Looking forward to it even more now. Thanks for sharing.

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Quite a few from Stone, Vine and Sun.

This was the bloke complaining his wine was stuck in the EU.

I always think these ‘Best Christmas/Easter/Holiday/Thanksgiving/Halloween/Just about any day really’ wine lists are pretty grim. Mostly, it appears they are written to keep (retailers/supermarkets/independents) all happy to keep the samples coming for the rest of the year. Read/study/taste repeat and then make your own mind up for goodness sake.

Personally I’m happy to get some tips from experts, who have the opportunity to taste more wines in a week than I do in a year.
Still like to do my own research though!


Some people just don’t have the time, and Jancis is as conflict-free and independent as you’ll find.

@AnaGramWords, why don’t you start a blog so you can share your throve of knowledge with lesser fortunate denizens?


Drat as well. Logged in to look at the 2019vv Brocard and spotted the 2010 Brocard Grand Cru Les Clos.

As I have an obscene amount of Billaud 2019 EP, and that was a stunner of a vintage, I guess you can imagine what happened.

Answers please on a postcard suggesting how to explain to Lady Brentw1 without being emasculated. please. :flushed:


What are the chances of “look what I’ve bought you for Christmas, darling” working…?