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Jancis Robinson launches


Much as I like what Jancis puts down on paper, this to me is just well, another glass another decanter all at ridiculous prices, I am sure that if you look at the myriads of glasses and decanters you can find the same shape for a lot lot less, and please being hand blown will not improve the wine one iota…or that a couple of microns thinner is going to make a difference, plus at those prices they should be nuclear proof as well as dishwasher…

and to think that certain manufacturers insist that different shape glasses for different wines are guaranteed to make a difference to your drinking experience !


Well, I don’t know. I’d love to be convinced all my different riedel’s didn’t make a difference to different wines, but my experience says otherwise. I’d much prefer a few of these if they do what they say, even at those prices - cheaper than my current collection :wink:



I agree! seems like just another marketing ploy to keep her name in one’s consciousness. Celebrated chefs do it all the time… so why not wine writers, I guess!
I, for one, will not be contributing to Jancis’s next holiday.


Is she making more than her own glass?


Is she hand blowing them herself…??:joy::rofl:


Blowing her own trumpet, more like! :trumpet:


I don’t know. I actually appreciate the idea of a single glass shape, and making it dishwasher proof (is there a guarantee?)

Nothing wrong with this concept, particularly as it pushes back against the frankly ridiculous standards of certain manufacturers.

I do have to say, that I think I found MY solution in the Zalto Universal and/or the Olly Smith glasses (though I wouldn’t put the Universals in the dishwasher even though I do for my Olly Smith versions).

I doubt Jancis will make a great deal of money from this, and I’m sure she doesn’t need it for holiday money. Her ‘brand’ is worth a lot (to her if nothing else) so I doubt she’d back this if there wasn’t a reasonable deal of merit


Perhaps I’m being a little cynical, but I just can’t imagine this is an altruistic move. Did we need a better chopping board? not really, but Jamie Oliver thought we did, and I’m sure he came up with reasons as to why there was a hole in the market he just had to fill. I doubt he needs the money either.
Of course, I accept that I might be completely wrong… Just old and cynical :wink:


Jamie Oliver is a very different “Brand”. He uses his name ALL OVER the place on his business and endorsements.

Jancis does not, and guards it pretty well, especially when it comes to wine. I’m not saying it was altruistic, but I doubt this is a huge money-earner (of course it could become then next BIG thing, in which case it could)

I must say I was a little surprised, but I doubt it is done primarily for the money, that’s all. Now about these monstrosities …


seems honest, yet unpredictable, capable of the best and the worst

Not my words :wink:


A rather unfortunate reply to the Robert Joseph thread…:joy:



I just use an Ikea glass, costs a whole £1



I like my glasses to look good, to feel good and for the wine in them to taste good. I was at the product launch last night, and I have to say that this glass succeeds in all three criteria.


I completely agree with your criteria and have no problem with a little “celebrity endorsement”

They aren’t for me though. My fourth criteria is that I can have family and friends use them and remain relaxed. At those prices I have to admit I’d be on edge


I feel the same. I am more than happy to pay £35 for a good bottle of wine, but I just can’t bring myself to pay the same amount for a glass of wine! Which is somewhat irrational, as the wine is eventually drunk and the glass is - in theory at least - for life… In this house, though, nothing made of glass survives for too long, so such an investment would be futile.
And personally, I do have a problem with celebrity endorsement in general, but that’s just me. :blush:


I would also add that this is rather more than simple celebrity endorsement - a lot of to-ing and fro-ing and tasting was involved. Initially Richard thought he would need to make a range of glasses but, having been introduced to and decided to work with Jancis, they very quickly decided that one glass for all wines would be the way to go.

(For info, only one glass was broken during the evening, in the middle of Jancis’s speech, by a renowned MW who shall remain nameless because said MW is a friend with whom I wouldn’t want to jeopardise my relationship …! :wink:


Well, I’ve just broken a glass drying up so I’m sticking to my guns on not spending too much on them!


I don’t mind breaking a glass that belongs to me, as I can just shout at myself. It’s when others do so and I have to shout at them internally while telling them ‘no, it’s fine’ that stresses me out!

Being in the trade I am in a privileged position, and have to declare in the register of interests that I own 8 Zaltos (6 won in a competition, 2 gifted), 4 Riedels (gifted) and 2 x JRs (gifted) that I haven’t needed to pay for - I have, however, needed to pay to replace those I have broken!! I also own 8 Riedels that I DID pay for plus we still have 3 out of 6 classic Michaelangelos from John Lewis that we got as wedding presents almost 30 years ago!


Many years out of interest, started with the ISO glass. Disliked them with a passion.
Tried the Society glass, not my favourite.
Could never understand glasses that were coloured!
Riedel came along and I was converted.
Used hand blown Riedels for a while, far too fragile - and criminally expensive!?!
I use Red & White Vinums and the Champagne glass.
I now buy them in dozens off Ebay for around £50 ish per dozen.
Job done!!