Jamie Goode reviews 12 TWS Whites

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Thanks for the link Jamie - some great wines in this box - more at the top end of my price range I have to say! Seeing quite a lot of Saint Aubin at the moment - it does seem to offer great value compared to other white burgundies which have got mostly silly in price. The Saumur looks good as well.

This was at the same tasting as I went to - TWS Christmas Tasting

I also just revisited my notes and ordered the following bottles the other day:

Sadly the Petite Arvine is no longer available… I also loved the following wines from his selection:

Josmeyer Riesling ‘Le Kottabe’ 2015 Alsace, France
Domaines Schlumberger Les Princes Abbés Gewurztraminer 2015 Alsace, France

I found the Saumur pretty exquisite.

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Think I might have to get a 1/2 case in storage - Jancis saying it’s not even ready yet!

Some lovely wines that all seem to have impressed @JamieG - just a shame that some are available in limited quantities, as you say. I was tempted by the Petite Arvine myself after @szaki1974’s review, but like the Ezerjo, once the word gets out … [I did get some extra bottles of the Turner Pageot though]

Looking forward to reading about the reds.