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Jamie Goode reviews 12 TWS reds


Jamie has now published his top 12 reds from our September press tasting. For info, the Colares and the Marsannay are out of stock, the Bourgogne Rouge has moved on a vintage and the Ghemme has dropped back two vintages!



Very excited to see the Mencia - I had missed that one

Must try to remedy that …


I’ve had my eyes on the Priorat and this confirms, as I suspected that it’s really rather good - Priorat is just getting so expensive though - and at £30 this is no exception!

The real bargain looks to be the Ramisco Colares - I’m not used to lighter style wines from Portugal - but it seems like a winner.


The Colares is a winner indeed, but sadly out of stock (our Christmas Press Tasting was end September).


Also it was a 50 cl bottle, so not the bargain it looks. It was rather good though.


Still cheap compared to that Priorat which is now in my shopping basket :slight_smile:

Edit: I’m almost 100% convinced that he has edited his article completely in respect of the Ramisco - when I first looked pretty sure it said it was £7.75 for a full bottle - now it’s £20 for 50cl!


9 am this morning it was showing what it’s showing now, as that’s when I updated my press quote spreadsheet :wink:


Haha… if only I could blame my misread on having had one too many… sadly not!


If you’re like me, you dream about regular £20 purchases, but actually buy & drink the Bojo VIllages at £7.75!