Jamie Goode on Instagram

Did anyone see the desert island wine chat on Instagram? Really interesting hour. Perhaps the best yet. The wines were all TWS and available.
I follow Jamie on his blog and Instagram, he came over very well.
I long time ago we met at a wine dinner(offline) or two, and he had the same enthusiasm.


Yes, was very entertaining and interesting. Worth watching, no log-in required (ignore the instructions to do so).



I will watch this because they have all been interesting. However I can’t help but feel that as the series has continued, it has moved from wines that they genuinely would take to the island because they are the best of the best that they have tried, to their favourite wines from the wine society. Shock horror - TWS uses TWS social media to market TWS stock :rofl: but hmm…


Interesting I thought the others were a bit show off on wines and disregarded the TWS wonderful list.
I thought it wouldn’t do any harm to pick a wine form the list when they were given a platform by them.

If you watch you’ll see some very genuine reasons for the wines. I see your point on the cheaper red wine, would I choose to take that? However his love of the wine was obvious.

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Just to confirm: we definitely don’t ask the participants to select our wines! :joy: It would take the fun out of it if we did - the wines they feature are completely their choice.

Glad you enjoyed Jamie’s show - the next one is in April! :smiley:


Laura, I wouldn’t suggest you did ask them nor think you should.However always glad when I can actually buy the wines they choose.
They have been brilliantly entertaining and informative.