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Jambon, sauce Madère - wine suggestions?


This weekend, friends round for supper. Main course: Jambon, sauce Madère - the classic Routiers dish (wednesdays ?) with thick cut slices of ham, Madeira sauce, and either rice / noodles or Pomme Purée. Wife likes white wines (Chablis a favourite) however I’m inclined towards a Morgon?

What to do?

Advice for a white AND a red much appreciated!


An Alsace Gewurtztraminer or Loire Cabernet Franc.?


Excellent advice DrEm. I have some decent Loire reds languishing in the garage waiting to see the light of day. Alsace Gewurtz I dont have to hand, but perhaps an Alsace Pinot Gris might make the cut. I’ll let you know how things turn out.



Most definitely! It works wonders with ham, especially where there’s some sweetness involved - as in your sauce.
Let us know how it turned out :blush::+1:


I would agree with Alsace PG and also Beaujolais. PG better than Chablis I think. If it has to be Chardonnay, something fuller and rounder and a little sweeter than most Chablis would be better.


Dr Em’s advice was spot on: 2017 Chinon from local indy wine merchant, went down a treat with the Ham & Madeira sauce - something I would never have tried. With the starter (smoked salmon roule around cream cheese + avocado) we had an excellent DRY Barsac from TWS, now unavailable however I snagged a few bottles.