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J L Chave Hermitage Rouge 2015


Now in stock along with the white.

There is a story here, but for another day.

Wine Wednesday [23rd May 2018]
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Now the red is all sold out already! And I actually was considering buying one bottle just to hide away for 20 years…oh well the ‘wine hoovers’ as we call them, buying 24 bottles a time for their huge cellars, have snaffled it all. I am surprised TWS didn’t limit it. Yapp did an allocation in advance by interest only for theirs.


I am likewise surprised it was not allocated, especially if only a very tiny quantity was available. And if only a few cases were available, that wasn’t made clear in the e-mail alert either. Seems unfair to those with a day job who might not have time to look at TWS alerts until later in the day. Is there any chance of more becoming available?


@andreel @Rich29 not sure about there being any more but we did retrospectively limit it to 6 bottles per member after it caused quite the commotion.


Thanks for responding, Catherine. Having checked the Wine Searcher, it’s quite clear why the wine sold out so quickly - the market price is double of the offer price at TWS. While obviously kudos to TWS for keeping the price low/at cost, it’s even more surprising there wasn’t a better allocation system in place. E.g., one bottle per member like with some especially sought-after burgundies offered en primeur. Lucky for those who could act quickly but not especially fair for the members as a whole.


Thanks for the reply. Yeah a little bit naive of TWS on this one. Professional wine merchants buying it all during the working day and they’ll guaranteed just be selling them on for over double the price now in their wine shops home and abroad. I know this because I meet these people all the time. Not overly in line with TWS values.

A lot more ‘inferior’ wines have been offered more heavily allocated than this wine that is essentially one of the best in the world. Or meant to be, We’ll never know as we won’t be trying it.


Sorry for a mutual society that’s shocking. Selling bottles of the top Rhone producer from the best recent vintage at half price with no allocation .

Clearly Rich is right they’ll be turned for profit.

When we have to queue, pled, on hands and knees to get a bit of the good stuff in the en premier offer. Shocking.


I agree. I supported TWS heavily in the recent Rhône EPs, and this is the reward. I can guarantee that much of this will end up being turned over for a healthy profit - people whose job it is to buy wine will surely not have believed their luck. The cheapest I can find this is 367 per bottle.

Surely TWS can consider a lottery/allocation system in instances like this? Or even just selling it at market value - at least that way members can purchase individual bottles.


I think I am known for being reluctant to criticise the society but I agree. I have supported the society for some time and buy significant values of wine EP. I would have loved an opportunity to set aside such a bottle and these wines have clearly been bought to sell, not to drink. TWS has unfortunately provided an unseasonal Christmas present to those who treat wine as a financial product. I would suggest the society set aside the orders received and start again with a single bottle allocation


Even non EP offers are sometimes limited beyond the half case… I remember for example that Muga Aaron 2004 was limited to 2 per member when offered. It could have been done here too.

  • Set aside orders and start again on one bottle allocation
  • as above but 3 bottle allocation
  • Proceed with received orders

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As much as I’m disappointed to have missed the opportunity to buy a bottle, I do think it’s a bit much to suggest the existing orders are set aside. Indeed, it’s probably not legal to do so in any event.

I do hope TWS learn from this.

I really don’t know why it wasn’t made clear there were such limited quantities and why there wasn’t a limit on individual allocations. TWS are normally good at doing both where appropriate.


When in the recent Rhône EP offer TWS found they didn’t have enough Gonon to fulfil my order. They cancelled the order, even after confirming in writing and taking my money. Pretty much a contact I thought.

Can’t see much difference


I support restricting confirmed orders further so more can partake. I actually have a confirmed order for six.


"The Society reserves the right to amend orders already taken and acknowledged in order to ensure fair distribution of wines in limited supply” is in the T&Cs.


I think the terms of EP orders are slightly different from those of normal ones, but the following refers to the latter “A contract is not formed until we accept payment for your order which is when we despatch the order from Stevenage”.


The Chave wines used to be included in The Rhone EP offer although it was the preceding year ie 2007 in 2008 offer.

Surely that’s a fairer way to do it?


I hadn’t realised that. It does put a different complexion on it.

Now I agree that there should be retrospective amendments to limit the number of bottles that can be bought.


I got an email at 13.00 hrs yesterday that the wine was available.
I read it at 14.35, checked the WS website and it was all "sold out!"
Immediately rang in and discovered that the Society had by then realised that they should have put a restriction on it.
I wasn’t greedy, got 3 bottles and was grateful and happy.
There will be those who thought that they had made a killing yesterday, by around £2000 per 12 bottles.
The wine has now been shared out more equitably and I am delighted by that.
I had missed out on the Ferraton “Le Meal” 2015 in the EP offer, being allocated the “Miaux” for which I have no complaints. Still a terrific Hermitage.
But having 3 bottles of the Chave 2015 Rouge makes me smile every time I think of it.

And from what I read and hear, 2017 Hermitage will not be too shabby (lol!) either, so save your pennies for that one. By the time the dust settles on the 2017 EP campaign, there could be some cellars stuffed with half a lifetimes worth of GREAT Hermitage.

Thank you Marcel!


So ‘sold out’ meant ‘sold out unless you phoned up’? Oh dear.