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J L Chave Hermitage 2016


Three words…


Unless you’re rich, of course, in which case you don’t need to give a shit!


Damned if you do, damned if you don’t…:wink:


Indeed I don’t see what the problem is this year. There are still 62 cases left so those that feel they are missing out can still pick plenty up. Enjoy!


I agree, this year it has been handled ok. I am still smarting from last year as I would have jumped in and bought a single bottle. That is not going to happen this year even if there were 6,200 cases :pensive:


I had a glass of this at a Rhone tasting at BBR, and it’s probably the best red wine I’ve drunk. Not tempted to buy any at current prices, although I did pick up a bottle of the 2014 vintage as part of a mixed case. Would rather have 2.5 bottles of Sorrel Greal instead!


I am not happy about excessive wealth when theres so much poverty around. I am sorry but i think that spending hundreds of pounds on a bottle of wine is immoral. However i once spent £260 on a book. Looking back at it I think i was wrong to do it . That particular book is now selling for between £200 -£400. So if i sold it now i wouldn get what i paid for it . But i had had years of enjoying having it. If i paid that much for a bottle of wine and drank it it would be gone in a few moments.


It is all relative I guess. I could have tried justifying £150 for the chance to try one of the world’s best wines but not £250. Some people spend £100s for a concert, a sporting event or a meal and on and on, my missus used to spend £80 for a haircut/colour, which she which changed as soon as she got home, all of which only lasts a brief moment in time.

I know people who who spend £100 to go and see Little mix, Elton John Take That etc etc I wouldn’t waste a single pound watching them because I have no interest in them.

Another thing how can you justify paying footballers £250,000 a week. You could go on and on.

By the way I was considering buying a single bottle, some buy it by multiple cases.


Your footballer would buy it by multiple cases,!


I like the sense of the post but I am really interested in what the book was.

I once spent a lot of money on an Andre Simon private press by the ‘sette of odd volumes’. Madness.


Is £250 a bottle the opening price?


Yes and then mix it with coke or something stronger.


The book is “Dragonflies” new naturalist series 1st edition with dustwrapper.


The only way not to involve yourself in these highly price items is to completely drop out. As we’re in a free market capitalism system everything you buy feeds the system.
I don’t intend to do that but to buy sensibly the things I need. But I’ll still be influenced by the marketing etc and part of the system.
Even drop outs are influenced by the anti system message
We are all just algorithms.




I am not an Algorithm i am a child of God, I am not a free drinker either. We are all subject to influences of one sort and another. We all also have obsessions, habits, adictions etc. Its getting the balance right. I like a drink but i can do without if i have to .