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J L Chave Hermitage 2016

2016s now in stock…certainly a price rise for the red (although still much lower than market), and reduced limit on number of bottles per member to 3:


For goodness sake last year I missed out but could have pushed the boat out to buy a single bottle, this year it’s in stock but there is no way I can afford £250 a bottle. Can never win.


Haha I literally said the same thing to my wife. Last year I could have stretched - this year £250 is a step beyond

I realise this might seem heretical to some but I have to ask: “are they really worth it though”?


I guess it’s all relative. To me, no, no wine is worth that much. However, if I’d won the jackpot in the National Lottery last night and money was now no object then I’d already have placed my order! :grin:


Worth it? Not had the good fortune to try it. But for the occasional wine I have had that vaguely approaches this sort of price point, I’d say:

  • If you are lucky, and prepared to keep it til maturity, you get something pretty unique in one way or another (could be complexity/depth/length; could just be an unusual flavour). So if money is totally irrelevant you might consider it worth it.

  • If you drink it young it’s totally pointless (from a flavour point of view. obviously if you’re aim is showing off you might achieve that). I can’t emphasise enough how disappointing it is to drink a really fine wine much too young. Objectively, you might be able to tell it has a lot more to give, but if you’ve paid the big bucks yourself, it’s a waste of wine and a waste of money.

  • But most people, most of the time, would probably get more pleasure (quantitatively and experientially) from say 5 x £50 bottles of something (or five separate things) else.


I’ve bought a new hockey stick instead.


I think this is well done by TWS. Thanks for listening to the moans of yesteryear.

Still can’t afford it. Quite effortlessly beyond my maximum price per bottle. And I am sure I would be dead before it was fully ready.

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A good move but a year too late for me.

All a bit hypothetical for us just now. Decisions between a bottle of this or some pans and a splashback. Ah well, maybe next year!! :rofl:


This for me!

I don’t think my palate would be able to distinguish much more value from a £250 wine as compared to a £50 wine but I can certainly taste the difference between a £50 wine and £15 one. So the latter makes sense to me (when I can afford it) whilst the former makes little sense.


You and me both!

I only once tasted a wine at that price bracket- a £205 Château La Fleur Pétrus, Pomerol 2007 - which I tasted with you, @MikeFranklin at the Brighton Bordeaux tasting. Did it have some magical properties to distinguish it from the other good bottles we tasted? Other than the name, the provenance (if that’s the right word?), the opportunity to taste a £205 wine - I would say no, without hesitation.

The whole notion of a wine costing such an amount, let alone way above that, seems meaningless to me. But I guess the line above which we consider a price of wine to be just silly is an individual one.


This old thread had a lot of viewpoints around the cost of fine wine against the perceived value:

I’m with you guys on the Hermitage. I’m sure these are wonderful wines, and I’d love to go for 3 of each. However, the cost of the wines and my inevitably ensuing divorce completely rule it out. The red and white Exhibition Hermitage at a fraction of the price will do nicely for me!


Do you know, I’ve never actually drunk a bottle of Hermitage - the odd taste only - but I do have some of the '14 Exhibition Hermitages which I plan on starting before too much longer! :smiley:

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I’ve got a bottle of each as well. I know you don’t tend to drink white wine, but I tasted the '14 Exhibition white Hermitage a while back. Probably the best white wine I’ve ever had. I’m really looking forward to trying the red, but it probably won’t be for a year or two at least. You’ll have to let us know how you get on when you try one of yours!


Well I have 4 by mistake; I ordered two not so long ago and when I got them I realised I already had two! So I will probably try one before long with the knowledge that it will still be a little young.

My wine journey was really started by tasting a 2005 Chave Hermitage in 2014, which I thought was out of this world. So good indeed that I sought out a case of 12 (around £170 IB at that time), sense then prevailed and sold it at a healthy margin. Since then I had the 2010 Exhibition, which at the price seemed like a steal. The 2014 did not make such a lasting impression at this year’s Rhône tasting, but that must be down to being in the wrong place at the wrong time.The £250 for the 2016 looks a fair price if you look at the market, however if you want to try the wine any of the 2011, 12 or 14 currently in stock look better bets to me (readier and cheaper). I suspect the 16 will be available for a while at this price. I probably have enough Hermitage for the next 20 years (assuming a bottle a year), might still be tempted for a bottle or two of the 2017 when it is released next year.

Definitely good to know that TWS listened to the complaints last year and changed the approach for this wine.


In my (very limited) experience, the true wonders of these syrahs from the northern Rhone - I include Cote Rotie in this - is that they have enough stuffing to proceed to a sort of tertiary stage of development at some point usually around or beyond the 20+ year mark. (Their 1990 is supposed to be singing right now). And that’s what most of the oohs and ahs are about.

Of course, with a few years in bottle, the wine is likely to move into a very pleasing drop to drink, but I’m not sure you’ll be getting all that it could ultimately deliver.

Caveat - I haven’t tasted any of these recent vintages, so don’t know if the winemaking style may have changed at some point.

Quantities don’t seem to be limited per member and it’s not being offered via the usual EP allocation system.

One of these Hermitage or 12 of these:

A no-brainer as far as I am concerned!