IWC Great Value Results 2023

I know a few of you like the odd supermarket bargain so thought I would share this here.

Also, as a few people are probably aware of what my day job is ,it’s a great chance for me to gloat and bask in the glory ( :laughing:) as 1 of my wines has backed up its Decanter Platinum winning effort last year with a great value IWC Trophy.
As chosen/blended by yours truly :innocent:

And all yours for £6 or £4.50 on the upcoming buy 6 discount deal.

Cheers :wine_glass:


The one I want to try on that list is the Tesco Tavel

Congratulations, @winechief! :clap::tada:

That’s a cracking Tavel for the price! :ok_hand:


I don’t know your day job, so is it the Rueda for Asda?

Congratulations, and well deserved too, for your Rueda which went down all too easily here !

As per @Inbar, a big thumbs up here for the Arbousset Tavel too.

Pleased to see the Waitrose Palo Cortado also made the list. That’s a ridiculously good wine for the money, especially when bought on one of their 25% off six offers.


He’s Asda buyer

Agree - I’m also a big fan of that Palo Cortado.

I bought a couple of the Pedro’s Almacenista range (PC and Amontillado) in the last 25% offer and am looking forward to those too. These wines give incredible enjoyment for less than £8 per bottle.


The same here regarding Pedro’s PC ( with thanks to the recent post from @Inbar ) !

I wasn’t aware there was also an Amotlillado in the same range too so thanks for the heads up :+1:


There’s also a Fino (which I enjoyed even more than the PC) and a very good Oloroso :ok_hand:


Thanks for the info, it’s appreciated. One of my local branches now has a much expanded drinks section and may stock the full range. If so, I’ll get a bottle of each ! :smiley::+1:

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Yeah the Rueda is me.
As per @Alabaster_cheeks’ comment, I work in the sourcing team at Asda on own label products.

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OK, well congratulations. Used to be involved in wine buying myself, many decades ago.

I don’t have an Asda near me, but maybe I’ll pick up a mixed case with the Rueda in it, when that 25% off deal comes along. Never bought wine from Asda before so you can tell marketing, you’ve brought in a new customer!

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Haha - I’ll be sure to let marketing know!
25% off deal now live FYI

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If you’re looking for a wonderful red to explore along with some of Tesco’s Tavel I’d highly recommend the Jouneys End CS now back at £11 and worth every penny of that let alone at 25% off.
Just cant believe how good it is and although only 3 years old developing flavours expected in far more mature bottles. Dunno how they’ve achieved that…Almost akin to stone washing jeans back in the 90’s to gain an aged appearance. We’ve done a few experiments over the last couple of weeks since this has dominated our wine drinking since it’s discovery by opening other favourite bottles to check that some strange mind/pallet game flinching towards our South African bias wasn’t at play. But the Journeys End continues to prove itself against some pretty good competition.
We’d tried a lot of supermarket reds over the last few months chasing vfm on the 25% off deals and SA, in our opinion, came up trumps.
So, surprised to see no SA reds on the IWC lgreat value list.


Normally I’d immediately discount anything with a medal, given that it’s all paid for. But I guess there is always the off good one that slips through :slight_smile:

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I would expect nothing less from you :wink:, congratulations :partying_face: I’ll be popping a few in the basket this week :star_struck::star_struck:.


You might need to shop early - it seems to be disappearing off the shelves pretty quickly round here.

So @winechief, does that now mean you are officially a wine-maker, or, even more impressively, a consultant wine-maker? Congratulations! It’s almost always sold out locally!

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Cheers @Andy999.
No, I don’t consider myself any of the above.