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It's just a fantasy (football league)


:soccer: Those who assiduously follow The Society’s Twitter feed will know that during the Six Nations we host the #twsrugbyscore competition. Last football season we ran our very first Fantasy Football League, the winner receiving not only kudos but also a magnum of The Society’s Champagne Brut. :champagne:

If you’d like to join in, you’ll need to enter a team into the Fantasy Premier League (participation is free), and then join ‘The Society’s Sunday League’.

To take part, go to https://fantasy.premierleague.com/, create your team and then use code 1605435-384921 to be part of our league, competing against fellow members and communiteers! Good luck, and don’t forget that the season starts on Friday 11th August! :soccer:


My son and I dabbled with this last year and did … OK

(we know nothing about football)

However, with some sparkling motivation, things could get more interesting and important :slight_smile:


I’m aiming to sort out my ragtag team this weekend. I always start with high aspirations but I soon take a nose dive into fantasy football reality - typical Spurs fan I guess!


Spurs fan here as well. COYS!


My (9yo) son and I just added ourselves - I apologise in advance for the kit he designed :slight_smile:


There’s something TRULY depressing about being BELOW the ‘bottom of the league’


@robert_mcintosh I’m not far behind you. Have we vetted share numbers for joining? Looks to me like some Carling drinkers have snuck in!


Well, at least I’m not last any more

Oh, and it was not a good week to lose faith in Harry Kane :frowning:


Glad I kept the faith!


Well, THAT’s better!

Glad (again) to have switched Mr Kane for Mr Aguero :slight_smile:

Jumped from last to mid-table in one week so don’t have to be completely embarrassed :slight_smile:


Glad there’s a FF league as part of this! Just joined, it’ll probably not show me until next week but happy to have some fellow wino’s for competition!


I’ve had to get the transfer wild card out a little earlier than I would have liked. After a great start to the season - I was second after the first couple of weeks - my sorry excuse for a team has slid all the way down to 18th! A few goals this weekend would be nice, chaps!


got a bit worried as I don’t follow news but even the Today programme mentioned Aguero might have some car crash injury … I rely on him


I’ve just read that he’s broken a rib - that’s likely to be a few weeks out of the lineup :disappointed:


My wild card was played a couple of weeks ago - hoping it’s a slow burn and they’ll all come good soon, and that Kane & Morata continue to score!


I’m within spitting distance of last place :frowning:


no need to spit very far now, heh? :wink:

I’ve made it properly into the top half - so after an awful start, it is getting a bit better


Is this the weekend the Herons rise up from the bottom???

Oh the shame!


Well, things are going “OK” for the moment

Having started in 90th position … out of 90, I am now up to 22nd overall

I may not win, but maybe could earn the come-back cup



Now up to 16th in the Society league … you never know, that prize could still be mine!

(and 2nd in the Benevolent league)