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It's HERE.......CHRISTMAS 2019 offers



Well here it is… have a browse…


It’s 2 months away yet.

Bah humbug.

(I’ll get on board with Christmas in December).


I think this is what you mean!


Yeahhhhhhhhhh I’ve actually put a couple of logs on the fire ,opened a 2010 Senejac just to get in the festive spirit whilst browsing the offer :blush::santa:t2:


This isn’t the whole Christmas offer though is it?


Jeepers - £34 for 5 x singles of Japanese Whisky (Scottish measures). Thats £158.66 a 70 cl bottle - and at today’s prices about right. Dont get me wrong - I used to really enjoy the stuff, back when it was almost affordable & I worked in Singapore, but good luck to TWS !


It is not the Christmas Fine Wine List, just the list of gifts you can give to people you don’t like… :wink:


Ouch. £12.50 for 50cl of tonic water and some dried orange slices…


Those slices are made with the blood of real virgin oranges, sacrificed at Halloween. Hard to come by.