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It's beginning to look a lot like ... Christmas press tasting!



Just ordered a bottle as well of this :slight_smile: will see how good it is this weekend :smiley:


Interested on the drinking on this one. The ardanza reserva is only just drinking. Would have though this needed a couple more years sleeping.


Mine are being delivered tomorrow, really looking forward to trying it, given the praise it has received. Hope you enjoy yours this weekend!


I have just received my order of 1 Arana yesterday. Will probably broach it sooner than I was planning to based on your comments!


I had my first bottle of 2004 GR 904 earlier this year and it was really young. Different year I’m sure, but based on that experience I wouldn’t be rushing to open the 2009.

Oh bugger you’ve alerted me to the presence of the Arana which I adore. #wishlist


I have some of the 2009 Arana and Ardanza laid down. I’ve just ordered 3 of the Exhibition GR as that has now been limited to 6 per member. A couple of days ago there were a lot of bottles left and I was planning on leaving it a while before ordering. Now I’m guessing it’s going fast; thanks to @Lincoln for tipping me off to that restriction!


I might have to pick up a case… Realised I only have one bottle (of 2001) left! One of my fave wines.


All this chat about the 2001 makes me feel I need to get at least a bottle too :laughing:


Just sampled the Ostoros. Drinking with roast ham, pease pudding and cauliflower in a cheese sauce. Pitted against Sainsbury’s TTD zweigelt. I started with the zweigelt, which was really very nice. Then switched to the Ostoros. Both served at room temperature. Wow, the pricing must be wrong. Near perfect pinot, surprisingly rich for an old world version. The only sub £10 pinot i have ever had that ticks every box. :+1::blush:


The 2004 is on the website now, alas at £49 not the £32 mentioned before (I think that must have been the original selling price a few years back).

Oh well. I do still have 6 stored elsewhere, one at home and have already drank 3 so probably dont need anymore. This has probably been my favourite 904 for drinking young (ie under 20).


It was a typo on the original tasting sheet. We let the press know as soon as we discovered the error. Sorry.


No problem, Ewan. The fact is we only found out because of the generosity of inviting community members to the tasting - otherwise we would never have known!

Looks a bit pricey at £49, but these wines are appreciating in price and demand is rising. For the quality, it is still better QPR than many regions. LRA have gone through the vintages from ‘01 to ‘09 pretty quickly! I picked up some ‘04 at the winery back in 2015 for only 28 EUR (~£22 at the time) and it was an absolute bargain.


Yes I agree, but sadly £49 puts it into my truly exceptional buying range. I will spend that much on rare occasions but can’t do so regularly. So I’m afraid I’m going to have to pass. I might just stretch to a bottle of the 2009 if it’s still around in several months time.


Has anyone tried the Newton family PN? Its had a good review in the observer Christmas wines column but write ups elsewhere are scarce and underwhelming for older vintages.


Bought this based on the good comments in the discussion.
:blush: so happy.