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It's been a pleasure!

Hello Community,

I wanted to take an opportunity to let you all know that I will be hanging up my hat as Social Media and Community Co-ordinator and leaving The Wine Society at the end of this week! Whilst I have absolutely loved working at The Wine Society and have a huge love for this wonderful business (having worked here on and off for 9 years!) a new opportunity has arisen for me - I am off to a new role as a Social Media Manager and I’m very excited for this next step! But I will miss you all and your brilliant contributions to this Community. Thank you to everyone who has joined me on a #TWSTaste, or taken part in any of our competitions or AMAs – it’s been a pleasure learning more about wine from you all and I have really benefited from lots of your advice and knowledge on the subject. Thank you also for your wine glass recommendations (they are sitting in my cupboard at home) and for getting me hooked into the madness that is buying En Primeur!

@TeresaGirao will be your go-to for any queries or questions, so please make sure you tag her instead of me!

I wish you all the very best and I look forward to joining future wine discussions on here as a Wine Society Community member :blush:


P.S One last request – can I have your suggestions for the perfect ‘leaving drinks’ wine? :laughing:


Leaving drinks is surely just the keys to the fine wine warehouse?


Most definitely Champagne……good luck for the future :clinking_glasses:


Thank you for all your responses here, and good luck. If the leaving party is this week, Mosel is the only answer, maybe the van Hovel?


Thank you @qualitybristol, and the Society’s Champagne is my favourite!

Thank you @SPmember, very kind of you. And Mosel is a great idea, thank you!

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Best wishes Kelly. Surely it has to be one of these then?



So sorry to hear you’re leaving, @Kelly! :confused: but sounds like a new adventure is lined up, so I’m equally excited for you! :tada::grin:
Thank you for your infinte patience, and for tirelessly looking into our questions and queries! :clap:

Good luck for the future :four_leaf_clover::blue_heart:

Leaving drinks…? I could say The Society’s Champagne - it blew me away last weekend - but I’m a simple soul, so would say a nicely chilled Lambrusco with the best charcuterie you can get! :+1::grinning:


Sorry you’re leaving @Kelly but all the best for the future. If you’re having your leaving drinks soon could be time and weather for some nice cocktails!


You’ll be missed on here @Kelly, but it sounds like you have an exciting new role lined up! Thanks for all your support and patience in responding to endless queries on here. I hope your new user group is better behaved than we sometimes are :blush:

I don’t have a specific suggestion for a leaving bottle but I hope the powers that be at TWS treat you with something suitably special after 9 years’ service.


Have a great life!


All the best with the new venture….and thanks for your advice and help reaching into TWS when needed.

Enjoy the Champagne


Oh noooo @Kelly ! You will be greatly missed !
I second Champagne :clinking_glasses: BUT go big or go home …. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Best of luck on your new role x


Definitely be missed! All the very best in your new job - I’m sure you’ll do well as a social media manager.Hope we weren’t too much trouble?! And you’ll always be able to recommend wines to friends and colleagues based on our crazed ramblings.

It’d be Champagne for me too! Good Luck!


All best wishes @Kelly! One of the things that’s really impressed me about the Community is how effectively and sensitively TWS staff - you and @TeresaGirao, the buyers, @SteveF - get involved in the discussion as and when appropriate and I’m sure a lot of that is down to you coordinating behind the scenes. Best of luck with the exciting new role!

And if the leaving do budget doesn’t stretch to champagne, surely in this weather it has to be the Society’s Greek white?


Best wishes for the future @Kelly ! Hope the new job is great and thanks for all your tireless efforts modding here and asking our questions to the other staff and coming back with the answers, it’s much appreciated. Seconding the society champagne suggestions.


I’m certainly going to miss you @Kelly , as well as everyone else at The Wine Society. Thank you for all your hard work over the years, and for everything you’ve done to help building this amazing, passionate Community :heart: I wish you the very best in your next adventure and I’m excited for you as I’m sure you’ll smash it! :innocent: :pray: x


Congratulations on the new job! You’ll be missed!

Celebration = Magnums!


Unless you work at the wine society, in which case I’d agree with the previous comments that celebrations = salmanazars.

Mainly because I want to see some footage of one being opened and poured


Best of luck for the future and thank you for all your contributions here!


Thank you all so much for your very kind comments! It’s been such a pleasure working on this Community and getting to know you all virtually - I’m looking forward to more wine recommendations from you all in the future!