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It's a Very Small World


The nature of my job and the areas In London I worked in meant It was not uncommon to meet the rich and famous as well as the interesting and high flying professionals in many fields, I say that in advance before anyone starts thinking this is a who he knows comment.

In the late eighties I did a small job for a couple in West London at the canal junction known as Little Venice, there were two unknowns for me , the first was the then wife of the owner turned out to be a friend of my sister and the second came about when I saw that Seresin wines in NZ had been sold, the connection was that the WS has wines from there in it’s lists and that sparked a a memory search when I read that Michael Seresin was firstly a New Zealander and second a world famous cinematographer.

It’s a long time since the eighties and I had no idea until the piece about the sale of his winery that they were one and the same person, I can’t say I got to know the man as he was here there and everywhere working and when he was at home he was somewhat introverted and there may have been a reason for that as he was in the beginnings of a divorce from his then georgeous Swedish wife.
The property was a large stuco villa typical of the type in the area and, cough, again it threw up another unlikely meeting, the house backed onto the gardens of the houses in the next road and the one adjoining over a brick wall ! was in a pretty sorry state, just grass and a couple of small trees, but one day the garden was full of people and one came over the wall and inquired what was going on and I explained and hinted that the garden he was in could do with some re designing, he said this is not my house it belongs to him and pointed at, as by then the penny had dropped as to who they were Dave Gilmour of Pink Floyd and I had been talking to Rod Mason, and no I did not get any work from him though I did get a beer, and the garden stayed as it was.

But strange all these years later that a sale of a winery and the WS listings should bring it all together and also bring back the memories.