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Italian Wine Tours


Hi there. This is my first post. Does anyone know any really good wine tours in Italy, preferably over a long weekend Friday and Monday inclusive.

I’ve done quite a few French vineyard tours and tasting - mainly in the Burgundy region and now I’m very keen to try and understand more about Italian grape varieties.


Welcome @LarryBurgundy - great topic for the first post (I’ve moved it to the travel section though, if you don’t mind?)

Italy is a very big place wine-wise. Is there a specific region you’d like to visit, or city to base yourself in? I know some people who do trips in Sicily, and Rome for example, but they’re very different destinations



BTW, if you can wait a bit, you might be interested in this thread:


I’d like to start in the Northern region Piedmont. Don’t feel we get the best of the Italian wines in the U.K. So also looking for good independent distributors other than WS of course.

Thx for the steer to the other post.