Italian Wine for Saturday Dinner - Thoughts?

Evening all,

Have some friends for dinner over the weekend. Food will be Italian.

A (long) while ago I had some wine stored with a friend. He moved and said wine was returned boxed up and shoved in the cellar (cold north facing garage).

Rooting around the back of the stack I found it again.

Two of the contents seem appropriate for an Italian menu (currently undecided).

Both came from Tesco’s when they sold “real” wine.

They’ve laid in the cold and dark for some (!) years.

Poliziano Asinone Vino Nobile di Montepulciano 2009

Selvapiana Rufina Bucerchiale Riserva 2007

Both would have been bought on clearance and would almost certainly been change from an Ayrton Senna.


Cellartracker suggests they might be ok.

Cheers all…


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I’m with @Brocklehurstj , both is a good idea :+1:, Poliziano make some great Montepulciano, I’m actually quite jealous and it would be interesting to see how well the Chianti as held it’s freshness being a rufina… do let us know how they are . Also , would be worth standing them up until the weekend to allow sediment to settle :wink:.



Thank you for your wise words

Both have been standing up for a week plus.

Will report back to the group.


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Realistically I suspect both would be drunk.

As ever the fundamental question is which one first

My current thoughts are with the Poliziano

First world problems…

Both! should be interesting


Agreed, check the clarity throughout the wine I’ve been caught out before with mid-level sediment :expressionless: so decant keeping an eye out :slight_smile:



Almost always decant with a torch shining through the neck of the bottle…