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Italian passion offer


I dont usually take advantage of offers. As we regularly drink Sicily reserve it made sence to save £15.00 on a dozen bottles. So i have have ordered a case . We wont drink anymore than usual . Just keep it in the drinks cupboard until we need it.


Here is a link to said offer…

I will quietly say that this showcase is much (much, much) less biassed towards Tuscany and Piedmont than other Italian showcases.


Indeed… there appear to be no Piedmont or Tuscan wines. :grinning:


Not quite none; there’s a piedmont white and the Society Chianti Rufina and the Rosso Piceno is Tuscanny. So one Piedmont and two Tuscanny.


Looks like they listened to @suiko…! :blush:


Was looking at the mixed r+w case. One each for Piedmont and Tuscany as Rosso Piceno is from Marche.


Whither Lombardy?


Well… the wines are most probably in the wrong price bracket from all the wrong producers… :wink:


Goes without saying! :wink: