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It seems a rum do



Was gonna do a gin but bought the wife a bottle last week from Waitrose.
What rum did you get?

Let's talk about Bourbon

This one:

Tried it last night - can definitely taste the sherry. Not too sweet/cloying and a lovely rich nutty, raisiny flavour, but not as complex or long as the El Dorado 15 I have.

I’m eyeing up the Ron Zacapa 23 for next time.


Had the Zacapa 23 and can highly recommend.
Got the El Dorado 12 and I’m finding good, however a bit sweet so best for after dinner like a sweet wine.


If I recall correctly, I think the 15 is not as sweet (tried the range at the whisky weekender) which is why I chose that one. It’s still pretty intense but more nutty like an amontilado. I bought a bunch of samples from MoM because I don’t really know much about rum so need to get through them and order the best ones!


A rum tip for anyone in London or Edinburgh… check out Cadenheads. All sorts of fantastic single cask and blended runs, non-chill filtered, unsweetened (most supermarket rums have sugar added) often cask strength and at very cheap prices compared to similar quality whiskies…

For complexity and detail at affordable prices they’re pretty much unbeatable


Ummmm this is near my work and I never knew. I sense a lunchtime stroll coming on.


I recommend this Rum - Mount Gay Extra Old


Not great dark rum fans (apart from when I make rum butter and rum sauce at Christmas) but was given this as a birthday present and it is lovely.

Absolutely delicious aroma.


Is this a rum topic now? This is the one that I have at home now. A wonderful sipping rum.


No reason not to have both, perhaps we should split the rum posts out (does that require an admin?)


I have started getting more into rums with the price of whisky rising and the vfm falling significantly. Really like the El Dorado 15, like said above it is sweet, but not as much as the 12.

I just recently purchased a Foursquare 11yr though that has been finished in Zinfandel barrels which I can’t wait to crack into later this week, just gutted I missed out on their port finish.


Can’t sleep so I’m reading TWS christmas fine wine list… :rofl: Thought I’d ressurect this topic to highly recommend the Ron Barcelo rum they stock. It’s wonderfully aromatic, almost Christmas spice like, and just the right balance of sweetness with a decent length. I’ve been very impressed so far. It might become a staple on my shelf.


You @tom are fabulous!! I have just been searching for a “different” rum for Mr. Leah for under the tree! It’s now firmly in my basket thank you.