IT Problems?

On checking my outstanding en primeur orders I initially thought that my 2021 Bordeaux order had gone missing, but no, it was now called Burgundy. Further investigation found one product had gone missing. Telephoned Friday and was assured the fault would be sorted overnight, unfortunately not happened.
Anybody else have the same problem?

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No, but it is a FANTASTIC way for the society to annoy both the Burgundians and the Bordelaise at the same time!


As I noted in the Burgundy 2020 string, my Sauternes were relabelled Burgundy a couple of months ago (previously: just the order number). When I complained, member services refused to believe me, blamed my computer, etc., and eventually promised action. No action yet. But at least they can’t blame your mislisting on my computer, so perhaps they will now believe us.


Exactly the same has happened to me. Now labelled Burgundy and one case missing. Like you I’ve been assured all is well. So it seems the stock system is working correctly but is not accurately reflected on the In bond order part of the website. Makes me wonder if they and we are not seeing the same screen. Hey ho

D’Angludet, that famous Burgundy Domaine. Mind you… it’s suspiciously cheap for a Burgundy.


This is bad. How can this not be fixed?

Oh just checked mine - same thing - the famous Burgundian appellations of Sauternes and Barsac. How truly odd.

As a matter of curiosity: are all members’ Bordeaux 2021 listed as Burgundy? Or is it just for some of us? It seems to apply to both red and white.

My 2021 Bordeaux EP (Sauternes & Barsac halves case) is also listed as Burgundy.