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Issues regarding English Fizz


To avoid yet another simultaneous negotiation, the UK is supposed to be taking on ALL the EU’s agreements under the WTO, not just tariffs, so it will be bound by anything that the EU had accepted. As someone else points out, it could then renegotiate, but why would it? Not to mention all the other producers of protected origin commodities who might have something to say about it.


I believe it was put out for WTO consultation on that basis, @SPmember, but it remains to be seen whether the deal can be struck on that basis. I understand quite a few countries are objecting on the basis of non-tariff barriers. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.


Yes, but on those the UK and EU had to share them out, so effectively a new deal. Just renewing acceptance of the same agreements shouldn’t cause objections (not renewing might), and each agreement is separate.


Well - technically Stilton isnt made in Stilton. And Whisky is made worldwide. But I get your point.

I was asking the question (regarding protection of the marque 'champagne) as more of a general quiery: my example could as easily have been Newcastle Brown Ale which I believe also has the European Union’s Protection of Geographical Indications (PGI) status.

I didnt reaslise that membership of WTO included acceptance & enforcement of PGI status. Good to know.


That sounds like the original stated aim I agree. You may well be more up to speed on this than I am, but my understanding was that the principal objection was to pro-rating of quotas. (The EU having no objection, but third party states wanting the UK to adopt the same quota as the former EU quota).

Not quite the fast one it sounds, as with agricultural products, imports are often directed to different markets inside the EU in different years, following crop shortages/failures and surpluses etc.

But I haven’t heard anything beyond that.


As far as I know, there is still no progress on this. Some countries are objecting (including New Zealand), but no counter proposal from the EU and UK.

In practice, UK (and EU) can implement what they propose and wait for a dispute, but it doesn’t create a good atmosphere if the UK is thinking of negotiating an FTA with one of the complainants.

And given the number of potential complainants about various aspects of the UK’s new position in the WTO, raising any avoidable issues (such as geographical indications) may not be sensible.

(Not that that being sensible seems to be a criterion for UK trade policy at the moment: another example is that If the government doesn’t get busy, it may allow its preferences for least developed countries to lapse, not because it wants to but because the provisions have to be laid before Parliament: failure to do this on time would create about 70 unnecessary enemies in the WTO.)


Waitrose currently has the Nyetimber Classic Cuvee at £26 a bottle.

I’ve been waiting to try it at a ‘reasonable’ price.


You say tomarto I say tomayto. Lets call the whole thing off :face_with_hand_over_mouth: